Adjectives for Weather

Adjectives For Weather

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weather, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'weather' often conjures vivid imagery and stirring emotions, shaped largely by the adjectives that precede it. Descriptors such as 'cold,' 'hot,' 'warm,' 'dry,' or 'fine' elicit not just sensory responses but also shades of mood and expectation. A 'cold' weather may bring to mind serene landscapes blanketed in snow, while 'hot' weather evokes sultry summer days laden with possibility. 'Warm' weather suggests comfort and gentle breezes, a midpoint between extremes. Meanwhile, 'dry' and 'fine' weather speak to conditions that are often sought after for outdoor activities. Each adjective unlocks a different aspect of weather, influencing our reaction and anticipation in nuanced ways. Continue reading to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the many facets of weather.
coldThe cold weather makes my skin dry and itchy.
badThe bad weather prevented us from going outside.
hotThe hot weather was unbearable, making it difficult to go outside.
warmThe warm weather brought out the flowers.
fineWe are going to have a picnic in the fine weather
dryThe dry weather made the grass brown.
wetWe really needed the rain, but after a few days of wet weather we're all starting to get a little stir crazy.
goodToday is a good weather day.
fairThe sailors enjoyed fair weather during their journey.
inclementThe inclement weather made it difficult to travel.
stormyThe stormy weather caused widespread power outages.
rainyThe rainy weather forced us to stay indoors.
roughThe plane struggled through rough weather
severe"Severe weather" is a term used to describe weather conditions that pose a threat to life or property.
coolI love the cool weather in the fall.
heavyWe had heavy weather during our trip to the mountains.
calmThe calm weather made for a perfect day at the beach.
foulWe had to cancel our trip due to foul weather
dampThe damp weather made my clothes feel clammy.
mildI enjoyed the mild weather last weekend.
cloudyIt was cloudy weather and we decided to stay inside.
pleasantThe pleasant weather was perfect for a picnic.
sunnyIt was a perfect day with sunny weather and a gentle breeze.
warmerThe warmer weather brings with it a renewed sense of hope and optimism.
thickDriving was difficult due to the thick weather
windyThe leaves danced wildly in the windy weather
betterI hope we'll have better weather this weekend
coldestThe coldest weather is in the Antarctic.
foggyThe foggy weather obscured the view of the mountains.
perfectThe perfect weather made it a great day to go for a walk.
frostyThe frosty weather left a layer of ice on the car windshield.
brightThe bright weather lifted our spirits.
bitterThe bitter weather chilled her to the bone.
adverseThe flight was delayed due to adverse weather conditions.
lovelyToday's lovely weather is a perfect day to go for a walk in the park.
humidThe humid weather made it difficult to breathe.
coolerThe cooler weather made it more enjoyable to go for walks.
niceIt is nice weather today.
favorableThe weather forecast predicts favorable weather for our trip.
colderThe colder weather made us want to stay indoors.
extremeExtreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe due to climate change.
wintryThe wintry weather made the roads icy and dangerous.
hardThe climbers faced hard weather during their ascent.
hottestThe hottest weather this summer was a record 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
favourableThe favourable weather allowed us to enjoy our outdoor activities.
tempestuousThe tempestuous weather battered the coast, causing widespread damage.
gloriousWe're having glorious weather today.
moistThe humid and moist weather stifled us as we walked.
unfavorableThe unfavorable weather forced us to cancel our outdoor plans.
harshThe harsh weather conditions made it difficult to travel.
moderateOn a day with moderate weather I went for a walk outside.
worstThis is the worst weather for golfing.
dullThe dull weather made the day seem long and dreary.
terribleWe had to cancel our camping trip due to the terrible weather
sultryThe sultry weather made the streets feel like a furnace.
unfavourableThe flight was delayed due to unfavourable weather conditions.
dirtyThe dirty weather rolled in like a dark, menacing blanket.
hazyThe hazy weather made it difficult to see clearly.
changeableThe changeable weather made it difficult to plan outdoor activities.
unsettledThe unsettled weather caused the picnic to be canceled.
gloomyThe gloomy weather cast a pall over the once-lively park.
snowyThe snow is falling heavily, creating a picturesque snowy weather wonderland.
miserableThe miserable weather kept us indoors all day.
chillyI love to curl up with a good book on a chilly weather
splendidWe enjoyed a picnic in the park during the splendid weather
boisterousThe tempestuous winds howled and the rain lashed down in sheets, creating a scene of boisterous weather
milderThe arrival of milder weather brought a sense of relief after the long winter.
squallyOur small boat was tossed back and forth in the squally weather
showeryWe're expecting showery weather this weekend.
nastyI hate going outside in nasty weather
dreadfulThe traveler was caught in dreadful weather and had to take shelter.
zeroThe temperature was zero weather degrees Fahrenheit.
finestThe finest weather is in the summer.
unusualThe unusual weather caused the flowers to bloom out of season.
balmyI strolled through the park, enjoying the balmy weather
tropicalThe tropical weather brought heavy rainfall and high humidity to the region.
unpredictableThe unpredictable weather caused delays and cancellations of flights.
variableWe experienced variable weather during our camping trip.
unseasonableThe farmer was surprised to see unseasonable weather during the summer.
overcastThe overcast weather made me feel gloomy and sad.
mistyThe misty weather shrouded the mountains in an ethereal haze.

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