Adjectives for Webster

Adjectives For Webster

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing webster, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'webster' takes on vivid nuances and varied connotations when paired with distinct adjectives. Describing someone or something as a 'great webster' elevates their status, suggesting profound impact or skill. 'Old webster,' on the other hand, might evoke a sense of tradition or long-standing expertise, while 'young webster' injects a fresh, innovative perspective. The adjective 'swiss' could hint at precision or neutrality, and 'late' adds a touch of legacy or remembrance. 'Jancar,' likely a specific reference, adds depth through context, possibly hinting at cultural or personal significance. Each adjective unfolds a unique aspect of 'webster,' enriching our understanding. Discover the complete array of adjectives and the shades of meaning they unveil.
greatThe great webster's dictionary is a valuable resource for writers.
oldI checked with my old webster and it says the word is spelled "definitely."
swissThe Swiss webster is a breed of mouse that is commonly used in laboratory research.
lateThe late webster is a famous dictionary.
jancarJancar webster is a writer and musician based in Los Angeles.
harcourtHarcourt webster was a renowned American inventor and manufacturer.
unabridgedThe unabridged Webster's dictionary is a comprehensive and authoritative reference work.
godlikeOnly godlike websters can pen a challenging crossword puzzle.
postI'm not sure what you mean by 'post webster'. Can you please clarify?
poorPoor webster was left alone in the house.
americanThe American webster dictionary is a comprehensive resource for word definitions and usage.
immortalThe immortal webster shall forever be remembered for his contributions to the English language.
formerJulie married the former webster last week.
currentThe current webster browser is the fastest one in the market.
celebratedI celebrated Webster's birthday by reading his dictionary.
hayneHayne webster was a talented scientist who made significant contributions to the field of nuclear physics.
bigWhen could the big webster dictionary from 1999 be completed?
gallantThe gallant webster despite his humble profession, led his flock with unwavering courage.
merriamI looked up the definition of the word on Merriam webster
baldyBaldy webster puffed out his cheeks like a little fish.
latestI consulted the latest Webster's dictionary to find the definition of the word.
poeticThe poetic webster wove words into a tapestry of eloquence.
mightyI consulted the mighty webster for the definition of the word.
compareI compare webster to his opponent in every way.
clarionThe clarion webster a species of eight-legged, carnivorous, anthropoid spiders, is the only known arboreal spider that spins webs in the form of a spherical cage.
parkmanParkman webster has been working as a software engineer for over 10 years.
venerableThe venerable webster's dictionary is a tome of linguistic knowledge.
eloquentThe eloquent webster delivered a speech that left the audience spellbound.
trendallTrendall webster is a mysterious figure who has been linked to a number of UFO sightings.
glanvillGlanvill webster left Liverpool on August 20th and made good progress to the north west.
likeIf you're looking for the definition of a word, look it up like webster
cayleyCayley webster is a senior financial analyst at Google.
lowryLowry webster was a renowned artist who specialized in realistic oil paintings.
youngerThe younger webster was a brilliant student.
whigThe Whig webster was a strong supporter of the American Revolution.
learnedShe learned webster in her spare time.
hamiltonHamilton webster was a pioneer in the field of photography.
squareThe square webster was very well-versed in the art of traditional dance.
youthfulThe youthful webster wove a wondrous web, wordsmithing with wisdom and wit.
notablestDaniel Webster was the notablest webster of his time.
nearerThey turned nearer webster avenue.
conservativeThe conservative webster defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
cassCass webster is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist.
agedHe is a aged webster
nearbyThe nearby webster community was put on edge by the news.
contemporaryThe contemporary webster estimates that about 1,095,600 words are commonly used in modern English.
nearThe school is near webster
biosenseBiosense webster is a medical device company that manufactures and markets catheters and other medical devices.
lamentedThe lamented webster left an unfinished masterpiece.
detectiveDetective webster arrived at the crime scene, ready to unravel the mystery.
eminentThe eminent webster opened the conference with a keynote address.
centuryCentury webster is a dictionary that was first published in 1889.
ladyLady webster was a famous philanthropist.
seniorThe senior webster defined the word 'serendipity' for the students.
fourteenthThe fourteenth webster Noah Webster the younger, published his father's dictionary in 1864.
dayDay webster was a very good baseball player.
braveThe brave webster charged into the fray, his sword gleaming in the sunlight.

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