Adjectives for Wed

Adjectives For Wed

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wed, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe wed can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, turning a simple event into a memorable, meaningful occasion. Whether it's your first step into a lifelong journey, a last moment of singleness, or a next chapter in an ongoing saga, the adjective frames the experience. An open wed suggests freedom and endless possibilities, while a free one might hint at liberation from past constraints. Every choice paints a unique picture, evoking different emotions and expectations. Dive into the full array of adjectives paired with 'wed' to discover the perfect shade of meaning for your narrative.
lastThey visited their old home on last wed
firstShe was first wed to a suitor from her homeland.
freeThe free wedding ceremony is open to the public.
nextNext Wednesday we will go to the museum.
satThe couple sat wed in the quaint chapel.
20thThey celebrated their 20th wed in a grand ceremony.
secondThat is his second wed
illThe ill wed match had an unhappy ending.
24thMy 24th wedding anniversary is next month.
17thThe 17th wedding anniversary is known as the alabaster anniversary.
15thI was invited to my parents' 15th wedding anniversary last night.
10thOn their 10th wedding anniversary, they renewed their vows.
symbolicThey had a symbolic wed on the beach at sunset.
18thThe 18th wed anniversary is often celebrated with gifts of gold jewelry.
25thThe 25th wedding anniversary is a major milestone for a couple.
19thThe 19th wedding anniversary is celebrated with gifts made of crystal.
5thThe 5th wedding anniversary is celebrated with wood.
thirdHe got married for the third wed last summer.
ashThe priest placed ash on his forehead during Ash Wednesday.
3-0The team won the game with a 3-0 wed.
6thJoining the 6th wed of the tournament, the 30-year-old was 88th on the list.
warmThe warm wed was perfect for a picnic.
5-0The 5-0 wed and the reception was held at the station.
sangameI love singing songs with my friends on a sangame wed
cleanThe newly married couple had a clean wed
28thIt was the 28th wedding anniversary of the couple.
decentThe fireworks display last night was a decent wed
30thOur 30th wedding anniversary is next month, and we are planning a big celebration.
mortalThe mortal wed and overcame their earthly vows.
2-0The game ended 2-0 wed.

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