Adjectives for Wednesday

Adjectives For Wednesday

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wednesday, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'Wednesday' can significantly alter the perception or anticipation of events. For instance, 'last Wednesday' carries a reflective tone, possibly signifying an analysis or conclusion of past events. Conversely, 'next Wednesday' beams with expectancy or the preparation for future plans. The 'first Wednesday' might introduce a saga, a new tradition, or a notable beginning, while 'ash Wednesday' deepens the context, adding a layer of cultural or religious significance. Similarly, 'second' and 'third Wednesday' can suggest routine or a countdown in a sequence of events. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, painting Wednesdays in colors that stretch beyond the mere mention of a day. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives we have compiled for 'Wednesday' below.
lastI went to the store last wednesday
nextMy meeting with the team is next wednesday
firstWe have a meeting on the first wednesday of every month.
ashAsh wednesday is a day of fasting and prayer in the Christian tradition.
secondThe staff meeting is scheduled for the second wednesday of every month.
thirdThe lecture will be held on the third wednesday of the month.
previousI met with my friend on the previous wednesday
openThe store will be open wednesday
fourthWe will have our community meeting on the fourth wednesday of each month.
lateI got home late wednesday
alternateI have a meeting every alternate wednesday
dueI need to finish my homework due wednesday
fatefulThe fateful wednesday brought about an unexpected turn of events
fatalIt was a fatal wednesday that would haunt her forever.
4thThe meeting will be held every 4th wednesday of the month.
rainyThe rainy wednesday made the streets deserted.
fifthThere was no fifth wednesday in June this year.
sunnyIt's a beautiful sunny wednesday today.
wetIt was a wet wednesday afternoon, and the streets were deserted.
memorableI will never forget that memorable wednesday
5thI don't think the 5th wednesday of the month exists.
6thTheir 6th wednesday of the month meeting will be held virtually.
madIt was mad wednesday and the streets were filled with people.
weekI have an appointment scheduled for next week wednesday
20thMy 20th wednesday of the year is upon me.
dreadfulIt was a dreadful wednesday and the gloomy atmosphere made it seem even more unbearable.
funeralI'll be busy at Susan's funeral wednesday
everyEvery wednesday I go to the gym.
17th17th wednesdays are quite rare.
comeThe fundraiser will take place come wednesday
18thThe 18th wednesday of the year is a special day.
whitTaking their cue from the church, the inhabitants of Whit wednesday celebrate by eating soup.
dinnerWe are having dinner wednesday
13thThe party was on the 13th wednesday of the lunar cycle.
16thI can't believe it's already the 16th wednesday of the year!
spentSarah spent wednesday morning reading a book.
spyThe double agents met at the park on Spy wednesday
observerThe observer wednesday was adamant about the story's accuracy.
momentousThis momentous wednesday will forever be etched in our memories.
24thToday is the 24th wednesday of the year.

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