Adjectives for Week

Adjectives For Week

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing week, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a week can subtly change the intended meaning and tone of your sentence. For instance, referring to the 'last week' conveys a sense of conclusion and reflection, while 'next week' is filled with anticipation and possibility. Similarly, 'first week' often denotes fresh starts and new beginnings, indicative of a period of adjustment or novelty. Meanwhile, 'second' and 'third week' might suggest a progression or continuation of time, where initial impressions evolve into routine or familiarity. Each adjective adds its own nuance, making the description more precise and evocative. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'week' and how they can enrich your narrative.
lastI went to the store last week
nextI will meet with my friends next week
firstShe will be absent from work during the first week of July.
secondI'm so excited to be here for my second week
thirdI will go on a business trip next third week
pastI've been really busy this past week
wholeI worked hard the whole week
previousWe had a lot of rain in the previous week
fourthWe have company outings every fourth week
fullThey worked the full week to finish the construction project.
entireShe had been practicing her speech for the entire week
sixthThe sixth week of the project is coming to an end.
fifthThe fifth week of the project turned out to be the most challenging yet.
eighthThis is the eighth week of the training.
seventhI am in the seventh week of my pregnancy.
typicalI work full-time and have a typical week of 5 days.
tenthThe tenth week is coming to an end.
holyThe family spent holy week in the mountains.
busyIt has been a very busy week
ninthToday is the ninth week of school.
twelfthThe twelfth week of the year is coming to an end.
extraWe have been given an extra week to finish the project.
4thI'm going on vacation during the 4th week of July.
20thI am currently in my 20th week of pregnancy.
latestThe latest week was the best week of the year so far.
12thThe 12th week of the year is coming to an end.
6thI have been working on this project for the 6th week and I am confident that I will finish it on time.
postoperativeI'm feeling much better now than I did during my first postoperative week
twentiethThe due date is coming up in the twentieth week
postnatalThe baby lost 9% of his birth weight in the first postnatal week
8thIt is the 8th week of the year.
5thThis is the 5th week of this month.
sixteenthThe sixteenth week of the school year was filled with excitement as students prepared for the upcoming field trip.
3rdI'm going to be on vacation for the 3rd week of July.
1stI'm excited to start my new job next 1st week
16thI am now in my 16th week of pregnancy.
commencementThe commencement week was filled with excitement and anticipation as the graduates prepared for their future endeavors.
gestationalThe gestational week is a measure of how far along a pregnancy is.
28thShe is now in her 28th week of pregnancy.
7thThe 7th week of the project is nearly complete.
fourteenthI am excited to welcome you to the fourteenth week of our program.
24thI am currently in my 24th week of pregnancy.
seventiethThe seventieth week of her pregnancy was difficult.
eleventhThe eleventh week flew by like a blur, but it was full of excitement and growth.
hecticIt's been a hectic week but I'm finally getting caught up on my sleep.
36thShe is now in the 36th week of her pregnancy.
nucleonicsNucleonics week is celebrated in the first week of May.
upcomingI have a lot of meetings planned for the upcoming week
14thI am currently in my 14th week of pregnancy.
openingOpening week was a great success, with the show selling out every night.
thirteenthWe are now in the thirteenth week of quarantine.
delightfulIt was a delightful week spent with family and friends.
30thI am currently in my 30th week of pregnancy.

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