Adjectives for Weekend

Adjectives For Weekend

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weekend, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the right adjectives to describe a \weekend\ reveals the multitude of emotions and expectations we associate with our time off. Using adjectives like \last\, \next\, and \first\ can hint at a sense of time, either reflecting on past moments, anticipating future plans, or marking new beginnings. Words like \long\, \whole\, and \entire\ emphasize the duration, often highlighting our desire to maximize this brief respite from our weekly routines. Each adjective adds a layer of depth, turning a simple noun into a narrative filled with personal significance and collective understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'weekend' to enrich your descriptions and narratives.
lastI went to the park last weekend
nextI am going to the beach next weekend
longWe're going to the beach this long weekend
firstWe are going to the beach next first weekend
wholeShe spent the whole weekend working on her project.
entireI spent the entire weekend relaxing at home.
dayI'm looking forward to the day weekend
secondWe'll arrive on the second weekend of July.
previousI went to the park with my friends last previous weekend
thirdWe will go hiking in the forest on the third weekend of the month.
niceI hope you have a nice weekend
singleWe are going to a concert this single weekend
fullI spent a full weekend at the beach.
busyI had a busy weekend full of activities.
freeI've got a free weekend to go wherever I want.
quietI had a quiet weekend doing nothing.
wonderfulI'm having a wonderful weekend
finalWe will have a good time on our final weekend in Paris.
bigAlthough it was a big weekend I already feel like relaxing.
fourthShe is planning a special outing for her family on the fourth weekend
occasionalI work at a restaurant with an occasional weekend off.
typicalI prefer going out on a typical weekend
openingThe new movie had a successful opening weekend
upcomingI'm excited about the upcoming weekend
pleasantI hope you have a pleasant weekend
lostHe spent a lost weekend in a seedy part of town, doing things he regretted the next day.
annualThe organization has an annual weekend retreat in the mountains.
extendedI'm looking forward to the extended weekend to relax and recharge.
hotThe hot weekend brought record crowds to the beach.
wildWe had a wild weekend in Las Vegas.
lovelyI'm looking forward to a lovely weekend with my family.
dirtyMy friend went on a dirty weekend to Amsterdam.
sunnyThe sunny weekend was perfect for a picnic.
perfectWe spent a perfect weekend hiking in the mountains.
rainyThe rainy weekend kept us indoors, but we made the most of it by reading and watching movies.
happyHave a happy weekend
fatefulThe fateful weekend had brought with it a series of events that would irrevocably alter the course of their lives.
excitingI had an exciting weekend exploring the city.
warmWe can go to the beach for a picnic this warm weekend
restfulI enjoyed a restful weekend catching up on sleep and spending time with my family.
gloriousIt was a glorious weekend filled with sunshine and laughter.
hecticI had a hectic weekend traveling around the state visiting friends and family.
residentialWe're going to have a residential weekend at the beach house.
oddMy odd weekend was spent indoors watching movies.
roughI'm having a rough weekend
lonelyThe lonely weekend stretched out before her like a vast and unforgiving desert.
miserableThe miserable weekend had me staying indoors reading books and watching movies.
intensiveI had an intensive weekend of studying for my exams.
peacefulI hope you have a peaceful weekend
lazyThis weekend, we decided to take it easy and enjoy a lazy weekend
filledI had a wonderful, memorable, and filled weekend with my family and friends.
biggestThis was her biggest weekend
awfulIt was an awful weekend filled with torrential rain and no sunshine.
relaxedI enjoyed the relaxed weekend by reading books and taking naps.
crazyWe had fun together during the crazy weekend

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