Adjectives for Weekends

Adjectives For Weekends

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weekends, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe weekends can significantly alter the emotion or perspective in a sentence. Words like most evoke a sense of anticipation or enjoyment, reflecting on those weekends that stand out in memory. Meanwhile, long weekends often bring a feeling of relief and excitement, offering a break from the norm. The quantity of weekends, whether many, few, or several, can highlight scarcity or abundance, affecting how we value our free time. The term open weekends suggests flexibility and opportunity. Each adjective paints a different picture of our experiences and expectations. For a fuller appreciation of how adjectives color our thoughts on weekends, explore our comprehensive list below.
mostMost weekends I go for a hike.
longI love long weekends because I can spend more time with my family and friends.
manyI spend many weekends hiking in the mountains.
fewI enjoy spending time with my family on the few weekends that I have off.
severalI spent several weekends working on my project.
openThe store is open weekends only.
occasionalI like to go hiking on occasional weekends
alternateWe visit our grandparents on alternate weekends
dayI love spending day weekends with my family.
freeIn the summertime, you can spend your free weekends outside.
busyShe spends her busy weekends doing a variety of activities.
consecutiveWe worked on the project two consecutive weekends to finish it on time.
lastI spent last weekends hiking in the mountains.
moreI need more weekends to relax.
specialI love to spend special weekends with my family.
entireShe spent entire weekends watching movies with her friends.
successiveThe classes will be held on successive weekends
sunnyWe love to go for walks on sunny weekends
nightThe library is closed on night weekends
bigI have big weekends
longerI love having longer weekends to spend time with my family and friends.
warmWe enjoyed the warm weekends at the beach.
hotWe had a lot of fun at the beach during the hot weekends
closedThe store is closed weekends
happyWork hard all week, and you will be rewarded with happy weekends
quietI enjoy spending quiet weekends curled up with a book.
pastI spent past weekends reading books.
frequentI enjoy spending frequent weekends at the beach.
residentialWe spent a lot of time together during our residential weekends
rareI always look forward to our rare weekends together.
rainyRainy weekends were the perfect time for me to cuddle up with a good book and a warm cup of tea.
pleasantI hope you have pleasant weekends
extendedTake advantage of the extended weekends and go on a short trip.
numerousI spent numerous weekends at the beach this summer.
lonelyThe lonely weekends seemed to stretch endlessly before him.
regularWe enjoyed our regular weekends at the beach.
countlessI spent countless weekends working on my project.
minimumI will try to keep the minimum weekends
niceI've been having some nice weekends lately.
peakThe popular restaurant is often crowded on peak weekends
wildHis eyes lit up at the thought of wild weekends
intensiveWe spent our intensive weekends on studying for the exam.
seasonWe spent most of our season weekends at the cottage by the lake.
oddI like to go hiking on odd weekends
availableI am available weekends
busiestThe town experiences its busiest weekends during the summer season.
endlessI long for endless weekends filled with relaxation and adventure.
lazyI love spending lazy weekends at home, reading and watching movies.
preciousI cherish spending quality time with my loved ones during our precious weekends
weatherWe usually stay home on weather weekends
enjoyableWe always look forward to our enjoyable weekends
spentShe spent weekends reading books.
straightI prefer going out with friends on straight weekends
wetWe spent almost all of our wet weekends on the couch, watching TV and eating junk food.
liveMy friend enjoys spending his live weekends playing video games.
selectWe visited our grandparents on select weekends
memorableI spent one of my most memorable weekends in a cabin up in Tahoe.
delightfulI enjoy spending my delightful weekends with my family.
fewerI have fewer weekends off in the summer.

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