Adjectives for Weekly

Adjectives For Weekly

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weekly, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'weekly' can significantly alter the tone and emphasis of your message. Whether discussing 'economic' trends, 'literary' critiques, 'local' events, 'new' developments, 'political' updates, or 'religious' observances, each adjective opens a unique perspective. Highlighting 'economic' illustrates concerns with finance and markets, whereas 'literary' might delve into recent publications or critiques. 'Local' emphasizes community engagement, 'new' suggests fresh or updated content, 'political' may engage with governance or policy issues, and 'religious' could focus on faith-based activities or reflections. These nuanced distinctions help tailor communications more effectively, ensuring the message resonates with the intended audience. Explore the full possibilities and uncover more intriguing combinations of adjectives with 'weekly' below.
economicI read the economic weekly to stay informed about the latest business news.
literaryI subscribed to that literary weekly to stay abreast of new books.
localI always read the local weekly to keep up with the news in my town.
newI am looking forward to the new weekly meeting.
politicalEvery morning, I read the local political weekly for election updates.
religiousThe religious weekly has many articles about the importance of faith and family.
popularThe popular weekly magazine has been in circulation for over fifty years.
nationalThe national weekly has been running for over 50 years.
semiHe publishes his articles semi weekly
pageI turned a page weekly to read the entire book.
socialistThe socialist weekly has been banned for its inflammatory content.
publishedThe magazine is published weekly
britishI read the British weekly every week.
liberalThe liberal weekly will publish an article about the election.
comicHe saved the crossword from the comic weekly and did it while he ate his breakfast.
independentI subscribe to an independent weekly that delivers insightful news and analysis.
payableThe invoice is payable weekly
americanI read the latest issue of American weekly
freshThe grocery store offers fresh weekly produce.
financialI read a financial weekly to keep up with the latest news in the stock market.
germanI read the German weekly every Sunday.
radicalHe is a regular reader of the radical weekly magazine.
blackThe black weekly newspaper reported on the latest news in the community.
languageI subscribed to the language weekly to improve my vocabulary.
humorousThe humorous weekly was full of satirical pieces that poked fun at the absurdities of modern life.
officialThe official weekly staff meeting will be held on Fridays.
satiricalThe satirical weekly had a sharp wit and a biting tongue, often poking fun at the rich and powerful.
influentialThe influential weekly was read by millions of people.
freeI can't believe I got free weekly groceries for a whole year!
englishI enjoy reading the english weekly
democraticI subscribed to a democratic weekly
australianI read the Australian weekly every week.
averageThe average weekly high temperature in July is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
yiddishI picked up the Yiddish weekly and read an article about the history of klezmer music.
ruralI enjoy getting the rural weekly newspaper to keep up-to-date on local news and events.
suburbanEmily adored her weekly newsletter, the Suburban weekly which kept her updated on local events and community news.
largestThe largest weekly magazine in the region is Newsday.
hindiI read the hindi weekly every Sunday.
communistI read the communist weekly every week.
moralShe wrote a moral weekly about social injustice.
theatricalThe theatrical weekly had a lively account of the play.
triThe tri weekly meeting was held in the conference room.
illustratedI enjoy reading the illustrated weekly for its stunning photography and in-depth articles.
famousThe famous weekly magazine has been in circulation for over a century.
armenianI read the Armenian weekly regularly to stay informed about Armenian current events.
culturalI subscribe to the local cultural weekly to keep up with arts and entertainment.
medicalI subscribe to a medical weekly to keep up with the latest research.
alternativeI read the alternative weekly for local news and events.
bilingualThe bilingual weekly is published every Friday.
classicalShe is always busy with her classical weekly
chineseI read the Chinese weekly every Sunday.
publishersPublishers weekly is the international news magazine for the book industry.
conservativeThe conservative weekly was mostly concerned with national politics.
wingHe reads the wing weekly
availableThe magazine is available weekly
pictorialI subscribed to a pictorial weekly to see the latest photos of celebrities.
arabicI read the arabic weekly last night.
intellectualThe intellectual weekly explored the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
leftistThe leftist weekly magazine published an article critical of the government's economic policies.
successfulThe company's successful weekly sales meeting inspired the team to work harder.
livedThe players lived weekly in a dormitory.
republicanThe republican weekly meeting was held at the local community center.
knownThe company processes known weekly orders first.
agriculturalFarmers can find the latest news and developments in the agricultural sector by reading the agricultural weekly
aerialWe got an aerial weekly of the property to give us a good sense of the scale of the whole island.
prestigiousThe prestigious weekly magazine featured an in-depth article on the city's latest development.
denominationalThe denominational weekly often included articles about the church's history.
oldestThe oldest weekly newspaper in the United States is The Hartford Courant.
excellentI will give you an excellent weekly report.
alternateThe assignments are due on an alternate weekly basis.
weighThe dieter decided to weigh weekly and noticed significant results.
progressiveThe progressive weekly was a political magazine.
sovietI read the soviet weekly every day.
prominentThe prominent weekly magazine has been in circulation for over a century.
livelyThe lively weekly newspaper was a hit with the town.
basedThe bus service is based weekly
diocesanThe diocesan weekly contained an interesting article about the new bishop.
defunctA defunct weekly magazine, the New Republic, once said...

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