Adjectives for Weeks

Adjectives For Weeks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weeks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring various adjectives used with the noun 'weeks' reveals a colorful palette of temporal distinctions, emphasizing duration and sequence. A 'few weeks' imply a short span, suggesting fleeting moments or rapid changes. 'Several weeks', however, could denote a longer, yet unspecified, period, indicating extended processes or developments. The 'first weeks' often carry a sense of beginnings and new undertakings, whereas the 'last weeks' hint at conclusions or final stages. Looking ahead, the 'next weeks' invite anticipation of the immediate future, contrasting with 'many weeks', which stretch the canvas of time further. Each adjective uniquely shades the context, enhancing the narrative with precision. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'weeks' and the nuances they bring.
fewI'm going on vacation in a few weeks
severalThe project will take several weeks to complete.
firstThe first weeks of the project were very stressful.
lastThe concert didn't have as many famous musicians as last weeks' concert.
manyI've been working on this project for many weeks now.
pastI have been working hard during the past weeks
followingThe surveys in the following weeks showed a significant increase in public support.
recentIn order to write a short sentence with "recent weeks", please provide more context or specify what the sentence should be about.
finalThe final weeks of the project were the most stressful.
previousI haven't seen you in previous weeks
consecutiveI took daily walks for six consecutive weeks
fortnightThe project will take about fortnight weeks to be completed.
successiveSales increased significantly over successive weeks
alternateThe meetings are held on alternate weeks
hourJohn works sixty hour weeks at his new job.
precedingHis content was viral in the preceding weeks
wearyAfter weary weeks of relentless effort, they finally achieved their goal.
lastingThe heavy rain had flooded the basement, leaving behind a mess that took lasting weeks to clean up.
sixThe doctor said I would need to rest for six weeks
threeMy vacation last year was the best three weeks of my life.
busyWe've had some busy weeks and we are now into another one.
hecticThe hectic weeks were filled with work and stress.
gestationalShe is currently in her 20th gestational weeks
spentThe team spent weeks practicing for the competition.
anxiousThe anxious weeks leading up to the exam were filled with sleepless nights and endless worry.
absentShe has had four absent weeks this semester.
fourI'm going on vacation for four weeks next month.
scantClarence heard her again in scant weeks
drearyWinter arrived, bringing with it dreary weeks of icy rain and howling winds.
postmenstrualThe patient is now at 6 postmenstrual weeks
tediousThe tedious weeks passed by in a monotonous blur.

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