Adjectives for Weight

Adjectives For Weight

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weight, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'weight' can subtly or significantly change the meaning conveyed. For example, 'molecular weight' delves into the realm of chemistry and physics, specifying a molecule's mass relative to the unified atomic mass units. Meanwhile, 'low weight' suggests something light, perhaps in the realm of diet and health or the physical property of an object. 'Great weight,' on the other hand, implies a significant heaviness, which can be literal or metaphorical, indicating importance or burden. Each adjective attached to 'weight' paints a unique picture, inviting readers to explore the nuances these words add to our understanding of mass and its implications. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'weight' and their rich meanings below.
molecularThe molecular weight of gold is 196.97 grams per mole.
lowThe low weight made it easy to carry.
totalThe total weight of each basket will be about 10 pounds.
atomicThe atomic weight of an element is the average mass of all the isotopes weighted by their natural abundance.
greatHis words carried great weight
ownThe bridge collapsed under its own weight
moreThe heavy load added more weight to her shoulders.
averageThe average weight of a newborn baby is around 7 pounds.
dryThe dry weight of the clay was 10.3 pounds.
muchThe scientist carried much weight on his shoulders.
greaterThe evidence carries greater weight than the speculation.
deadThe dead weight of the baggage slowed down their progress.
fullTheir full weight settled upon him.
equalIn the grand scheme of things, all our actions carry equal weight
lightThe light weight of the box made it easy to carry.
heavyHe was a heavy weight boxer.
highThe high weight of the box made it difficult to lift.
normalThe person was of normal weight
wholeThe whole weight of the matter rested upon his shoulders.
relativeThe relative weight of the two objects is 2:3.
considerableThe decision carried considerable weight
constantThe pendulum swung with constant weight
grossThe gross weight of the shipment was 10,000 pounds.
lessThe task is less weight than I thought.
idealThe ideal weight for an individual varies depending on many factors.
extraThe extra weight on my shoulders was the heaviest burden I had to carry.
meanThe mean weight of the population is 65 kg.
wetThe wet weight of the fish was 10 pounds.
dueThe committee considered all factors due weight in making their decision.
liveThe animal's live weight is 1000 pounds.
additionalThe bag carried by the porter had some additional weight
lowerThe lower weight made it easier to carry.
equivalentThe equivalent weight of an acid is the amount of acid that can neutralize 1 mole of hydrogen ions.
sheerThe sheer weight of the books made the shelf buckle.
actualThe actual weight of the package was 10 pounds.
birthThe birth weight of the baby was 7 pounds.
excessCarrying excess weight can cause a variety of health problems.
maximumThe container is designed to withstand a maximum weight of two thousand pounds.
greatestThe greatest weight a human has ever lifted is 1,019 pounds.
freshThe produce has a fresh weight of 10 pounds.
minimumThe minimum weight of the crate is 30 pounds.
netThe net weight of the package is 500 grams.
enormousHer enormous weight made it difficult to get up the stairs.
lighterI need a lighter weight object.
apparentMy apparent weight increased due to the high-gravity environment.
sufficientThe box had sufficient weight to hold down the papers.
standardThe standard weight for a newborn baby is around 7.5 pounds.
excessiveThe excessive weight of the load was causing the truck to creak and groan.
bodyI need to lose some body weight
addedThe words carried a lot of added weight
fetalThe fetal weight was 3 pounds, 5 ounces.
poundThe weight of the box is 10 pound weight
healthyMaintaining a healthy weight is important for overall well-being.
heavierThe heavier weight pressed down on the scale.
immenseThe guilt he carried within him held an immense weight upon his soul.
enoughThe box is too heavy to lift without enough weight
exactThe package was delivered with an exact weight of 5 pounds.
undueThe judge gave undue weight to the defendant's prior convictions.
mediumAshley lifted the medium weight over her head with ease.
tremendousThe revelation carried tremendous weight crushing her spirits.
overwhelmingThe overwhelming weight of the situation pressed down on him.
desirableWeight loss surgery can assist those who are overweight or obese in achieving their desirable weight
statisticalThe statistical weight of the data was significant.
hundredThe shipment weighed in at a hundred weight

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