Adjectives for Welfare

Adjectives For Welfare

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing welfare, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe welfare can profoundly impact the nuance of your message. Whether it's social welfare, emphasizing collective support systems, or public welfare, spotlighting government's role in citizen well-being, each adjective frames the discussion uniquely. General welfare speaks to the overall health of a society, while human welfare focuses on individual dignity and rights. Economic welfare touches on financial stability, and own welfare highlights personal well-being. Each term opens a different facet of welfare, shaping the conversation in significant ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe welfare and their distinct contexts below.
socialSocial welfare programs provide financial assistance to low-income individuals and families.
publicThe organization is dedicated to public welfare and has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of the community.
generalThe government is responsible for the general welfare of its citizens.
humanAccess to clean water is crucial for human welfare as it supports health, economic development, and social well-being.
economicThe government's policies are designed to promote economic welfare
ownWe should all look out for our own welfare
spiritualHer spiritual welfare was paramount, so she regularly engaged in yoga, meditation, and mindful practices.
nationalThis plan assumes primary federal responsibility for assuring national welfare
commonActive citizenship is essential to ensure the common welfare
futurePlanning for future welfare is essential for a secure and stable life.
individualThe government's policies must take into account the individual welfare of its citizens.
physicalWe should do everything we can to promote the physical welfare of our children.
personalHer personal welfare requires her to quit her job.
moralThe moral welfare of the community was his primary concern.
eternalI am concerned about my eternal welfare
animalThe organization is dedicated to improving animal welfare in the community.
overallThe overall welfare of the community has improved in recent years.
collectiveStudents should be taught in a way that provides for their collective welfare
corporateSome critics argue that corporate welfare encourages companies to engage in rent-seeking behavior and lobby for government subsidies.
highestThe animal rights group called for the highest welfare standards for all animals.
temporalThe temporal welfare of the citizens is the responsibility of the government.
ruralThe success of rural welfare policies in France mainly targeted female farmers.
globalThe pandemic has taken a toll on global welfare
maximumReforms must ensure maximum welfare for the citizens.
domesticThe government has increased domestic welfare spending to help low-income families.
aggregateThe policies should maximize aggregate welfare
infantInfant welfare is a great concern for the government.
patientThe hospital staff prioritizes patient welfare above all else.
maternalThe government provides maternal welfare to support low-income families.
childThe agency is responsible for child welfare and protection.
permanentThe government program provided permanent welfare to the needy.
mutualThe group organized an event to promote mutual welfare
ultimateThe government's ultimate welfare is to provide for the well-being of its citizens.
universalThe government's universal welfare program provides assistance to all citizens, regardless of their income or employment status.
civicEnhancing civic welfare is a core responsibility of any government.
netThe net welfare effects of the policy are positive.
societalThe government's policies should be focused on improving societal welfare
occupationalOccupational welfare is an important factor to consider when choosing a career.
communalThe organization's mission was to promote communal welfare
everlastingMay your everlasting welfare and happiness be assured.
aboriginalThe aboriginal welfare programs have been successful in improving the lives of aboriginal people.
materialThe overall higher standard of material welfare should be regarded as an important aspect of progress, says one environmentalist.
worldlyThe pursuit of worldly welfare is often counterproductive to the health of the mind and soul.
continuedThe continued welfare of the group depended on the preservation of their habitat.
lastingThe ultimate goal of the project is to provide lasting welfare to the community.
massThe government's mass welfare programs have helped to reduce poverty and improve the lives of many people.
runThe town had to run welfare programs to help those in poverty.

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