Adjectives for Wells

Adjectives For Wells

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wells, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the depths of language, one finds that adjectives don't merely decorate nouns, but profoundly shape their meaning. Take 'wells,' for example. A 'deep' well plunges into the earth's secrets, offering endless mysteries, while a 'shallow' well skims the surface, providing just a glimpse. The 'new' speaks of modernity and hope for abundant resources, in contrast to the 'old,' which whispers tales of the past. 'Many' wells symbolize prosperity and the wealth of a community, whereas 'few' highlight scarcity and the preciousness of each drop. These nuances paint a vivid picture of how adjectives guide our understanding of nouns. Dive deeper into the linguistic ocean with our full list of adjectives associated with 'wells' below.
deepThe old house had deep wells in the backyard.
shallowThe shallow wells were unable to provide enough water for the growing town.
newThe company is drilling new wells to increase production.
manyThere are many wells in the area.
severalThere were several wells in the village.
fewFew wells were yielding water this summer.
oldDon't drink the water from the old wells
potentialThe potential wells in the plasma provide the energy for the ions.
privateWe rely solely on private wells for our water needs.
individualWater can be collected in several individual wells
holyThe holy wells of Glastonbury have been a source of pilgrimage for centuries.
publicThe public wells in the city are a vital resource for many residents.
exploratoryThe company has drilled several exploratory wells in the region.
openThe open wells posed a danger to the children.
artesianArtesian wells provide access to groundwater that is under pressure.
additionalOhio Department of Natural Resources wants to put in additional wells to stave off a future natural gas shortage.
numerousThe farm was home to numerous wells that provided water for the livestock.
dryThe dry wells were a stark reminder of the drought.
deeperThe drought forced them to dig deeper wells
naturalThe caves contain natural wells filled with brackish water.
multipleThe oil field was characterized by multiple wells indicating a complex geological structure.
productiveThe company has drilled several productive wells in the area.
adjacentThe adjacent wells pumped out contaminated water during the flood.
verticalThe vertical wells were drilled to a depth of 10,000 feet.
nearbyThe nearby wells were contaminated with lead.
hotWe visited the hot wells in the mountains to relax.
sacredThe village elders gathered at the sacred wells to pray for rain.
geothermalGeothermal wells tap into the Earth's heat to generate renewable energy.
domesticDuring this period, domestic wells have been dropping in levels.
successfulOur team of experienced professionals has overseen successful wells in some of the world's most demanding environments.
vicThe Vic wells was a theatre in London.
deepestThe deepest wells are always the ones filled with silence.
ancientThe ancient wells were a source of water for the villagers.
lightWe installed light wells to brighten up the basement.
coatedThe coated wells were incubated for 1 hour at room temperature.
undergroundThe water drawn from the underground wells is used for both drinking and agriculture.
wetThe wet wells are located in the basement of the building.
emptyThe abandoned house stood overlooking the empty wells
municipalThe municipal wells were inspected for contamination.
peripheralWe conducted a study of 200 patients with peripheral wells to evaluate the efficacy of a new treatment.
quantumThe quantum wells in the semiconductor heterostructure exhibited strong photoluminescence.
irrigationThe use of irrigation wells has become necessary in areas with limited rainfall.
circularThe village had several circular wells that provided water to the community.
pollutedThe polluted wells have rendered the water unsafe to drink.
inkThe desk was covered in ink wells and blotters.
inchThe inch wells bubbled up between the cracks.
boredThe homeowners were forced to drill new bored wells after the old ones ran dry.
dugThe villagers dug wells to collect clean water.
marginalThe production cost of marginal wells is relatively high, therefore resulting in lower revenues.
producingThe company has numerous producing wells in the region.
spacedThe drilling of spaced wells is a common practice in the oil and gas industry.
outerThe outer wells were coated with a layer of rust.
stepThe grandeur of the step wells throughout the villages of India is a testament to the rich architectural legacy of the region.
drivenThe water comes from deep down in the ground, pumped up from driven wells by an electric motor that also powers the pump house lights.
sweetThe water from the sweet wells was clear and refreshing.
artificialTo increase the availability of fresh water, many communities rely on artificial wells
saltThe salt wells once a major source of income for the town, have since dried up.
neighboringWater flowed freely through the neighboring wells

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