Adjectives for Welsh

Adjectives For Welsh

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing welsh, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'Welsh' unveils a rich tapestry of cultural, historical, and linguistic dimensions. The adjective 'Anglo' evokes the centuries-old interplay between English and Welsh civilizations, while 'modern' Welsh brings to mind contemporary evolutions in language and society. 'Old' and 'early' refer to the ancient roots and traditions that have shaped Wales, contrasting with 'native' Welsh, highlighting the deep connection of the language and people to their land. 'Many' underscores the variety and richness found within Welsh culture and its expressions. Each adjective opens a window into the multifaceted identity of Welsh culture and its enduring legacy. Explore the full list of nuanced adjectives to discover more about the distinctive characteristics of Welsh.
angloThe anglo welsh politician is popular in both countries.
manyThere are many welsh speakers in Wales.
earlyThe early welsh church was Celtic in origin.
ancientThe ancient welsh text is known as the Black Book of Carmarthen.
moreI want to learn more welsh
littleShe speaks a little welsh
poorMy poor welsh skills were evident when I tried to order a pint.
wildI saw the wild welsh wandering through the hills.
medievalThe medieval welsh king had a long beard
claessonClaesson welsh is a Swedish brand that focuses on the production of furniture.
muchHe does not speak much welsh
northThe north welsh town of Betws-y-Coed is known for its stunning scenery.
prettyHer voice was pretty welsh
speakingI am speaking welsh
northernThe northern welsh countryside is picturesque.
westI love the west welsh coast.
presentPresent welsh is similar to Welsh as it was a thousand years ago.
southSouth welsh farmers are known for their hard work and dedication.
halfMy friend is half welsh
rebelliousThe rebellious welsh fought valiantly for their independence
proI am pro welsh
formerThe former welsh rugby player is now a successful businessman.
londonThe London welsh RFC is a rugby union club based in the Old Deer Park in Richmond, south west London.
southernThe southern welsh dialect is still spoken in some parts of Wales.
contemporaryThe novel, written in contemporary welsh provides a unique insight into modern Welsh culture.
enoughI don't speak enough welsh to understand what you're saying.
lessJohn bought less welsh rarebit for the party.
celticThe Celtic welsh language is spoken in Wales.
distinctivelyCwm Rhondda is a distinctively welsh chapel in the South Wales Valleys.
ruralThe verdant hills of rural welsh countryside beckoned us to explore their hidden gems.
britThe meal came with chips, gravy and mushy peas, a typical dish from brit welsh
partHer father is part welsh and her mother is part Irish.
classicalThe classical welsh word for 'thank you' is 'diolch'
2ndHe came 2nd welsh in the competition.
famousFamous welsh people include actors Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
mediaevalThe mediaeval welsh text is difficult to read.
turbulentThe turbulent welsh sea battered the coastline.
strangeThe strange welsh language is spoken in Wales.
53rdThe 53rd welsh Division was an infantry division of the British Army during the Second World War.
celebratedThe celebrated welsh singer Aled Jones has a beautiful voice.
scottishThe Scottish welsh is a breed of sheep.
neighbouringThe neighbouring welsh town of Wrexham is just a short drive away.
dayThe day welsh celebrated Victory in Europe.
dearDear welsh I hope this letter finds you well.
indigenousI am writing a short sentence with "indigenous Welsh".

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