Adjectives for Width

Adjectives For Width

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing width, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the width of an object or concept can subtly alter the perception of its size and importance. A full width suggests a comprehensive span, covering every inch available. When something has the same width, it highlights uniformity and consistency, often implying stability. The average width conveys a sense of normality, suggesting it falls within expected standards. The maximum width, on the other hand, pushes the boundaries to the utmost limits, suggesting an impressive scale. And greatest width emphasizes superiority in size compared to others. To explore the entire width of possibilities, our full list includes every adjective imaginable to suit your descriptive needs.
fullThe full width of the window was covered by curtains.
sameThe two sidewalks were built to the same width
averageThe average width of the river is 100 meters.
maximumThe maximum width of the pool is 10 feet.
greatestThe greatest width of the river is 100 meters
entireThe entire width of the fabric was used to make the quilt.
wholeHe began climbing again with renewed confidence, only to find a vertical crack running the whole width of the ceiling.
totalThe total width of the box is 10 inches.
minimumThe minimum width of the container is 100 pixels.
effectiveThe effective width of the channel is 0.31 m.
equalThe two wooden rods are of equal width
greaterThe new model has greater width than the old one.
uniformThis uniform width beam supports the construction.
narrowThe narrow width of the path made it difficult to walk side by side.
finiteThe finite width of the beam allows for a wide range of applications.
constantThe beam has a constant width along its length.
sufficientThe bridge was built with sufficient width to accommodate the increasing traffic.
overallThe overall width of the house is impressive.
normalThis is a sentence with normal width
considerableIt was discovered that the canyon had a considerable width
variableThe font size can vary from narrow to wide, and is known as variable width
actualThe actual width of the material is 10 feet.
meanThe mean width of the leaves was 10.5 cm.
standardThe standard width of the door is 36 inches.
equivalentThe equivalent width of a spectral absorption line is a measure of its strength.
topThe top width of the table must be 100 px.
angularThe angular width of the sun is about half a degree.
bottomThe bottom width of the rectangle is 5 centimeters.
halfThe half width of the road was too narrow for the large truck
relativeThe relative width of two identical images can be different in CSS.
extremeThe colossal slab of granite had an extreme width stretching across the entire chamber.
originalThe original width of the image is 640 pixels.
extraThe new couch has extra width for comfortable seating.
clearThe clear width of the door was only 24 inches.
exactThe exact width of the door was determined using a measuring tape.
inchThe narrow opening was only an inch width
intint width is an integer representing the width in pixels of the widget.
doubleThe double width of the road allowed for easy travel.
moderateThe river had a moderate width and a gentle current.
intervalThe interval width is the difference between the upper and lower bounds of the interval.
correctThe engineer measured the correct width for the machine.
apparentMeasurements recorded using the telescope showed the apparent width of the planet.
horizontalThe horizontal width of the table is 20 inches.
leastThis beam has the least width
smallerThe smaller width of the rectangle is 5 centimeters.
nominalThe nominal width of the beam is 10 inches.
narrowerThe board has narrower width compared to the plank.
usualThe track has the usual width
interorbitalThe interorbital width of this species is about 22 mm.
lessThe new design offers less width than the original.
lineThe line width is the thickness of the contour of an object on a display screen.
observedI observed width of the object
pulseAdjust the pulse width to increase or decrease the strength of the signal.
peakThe peak width at half maximum is 10 nm.
ampleThe hallway had ample width for people to walk side by side.
netThe net width of the fabric is 100 inches.
correspondingThe pegs are located along the toolbar and have a corresponding width to the text box.
finishedThe finished width of the fabric is 42 inches.
unequalThe bricks were laid with unequal width between them.
excessiveThe road closure was caused by a vehicle of excessive width
suitableThe bridge should be built to a suitable width to accommodate the projected traffic volume.
partialThe partial width of their distribution is 10.
unusualThe object had an unusual width
wellThe well width was just wide enough for the bucket to fit.
convenientThe convenient width of the road made it easy to drive.
basalThe trapezoidal shape of mandible can be characterized using a combination of several variables, including total height, anterior height and basal width
maximalThe truss is designed with a maximal width of 20 feet.

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