Adjectives for Wife

Adjectives For Wife

Discover the perfect adjectives for wife to enhance your language. Whether you're describing a first, second, young, or good wife, our collection offers sentences to capture their essence. Perfect for writers, speakers, and anyone looking to express the qualities of a wife accurately. Elevate your language today.

firstMy first wife was a wonderful woman.
secondHe had to divorce his first wife before marrying his second wife
youngThe young wife was beautiful and kind.
ownThe man was talking with his own wife
dearI love you, dear wife
beautifulShe is a beautiful wife and an amazing mother.
thirdShe had a rough time getting along with her husband's third wife
futureI cannot wait to meet my future wife
belovedHe cherished his beloved wife dearly.
poorThe poor wife had to endure her husband's constant nagging.
formerMy former wife lives in California.
faithfulJohn was always proud of his faithful wife
deadThe man mourned for his dead wife
deceasedThe man was grieving the loss of his deceased wife
lovelyMy lovely wife baked me a delicious cake.
lateI remember my late wife fondly.
pregnantThe doctor confirmed that my pregnant wife is due next month.
lawfulJohn introduced Mary as his lawful wife to his friends.
charmingI am so lucky to have such a charming wife
divorcedThe divorced wife was awarded custody of the children.
fourthJohn married his fourth wife last week.
excellentShe is an excellent wife
sickHe took time off work to take care of his sick wife
perfectShe was the perfect wife the perfect mother, and the perfect friend.
indianThe Indian wife cooked a delicious meal.
sweetMy sweet wife surprised me with a delicious dinner.
virtuousThe virtuous wife stood patiently by her husband's side.
idealShe is the ideal wife with her kindness and intelligence.
richThe rich wife flaunted her diamond necklace at the party.
dutifulThe dutiful wife was always ready to obey her husband's wishes.
wonderfulMy wonderful wife makes me the happiest man in the world.
seniorThe senior wife of the emperor was very kind.
andMy husband and wife are going to the store.
youngerJohn divorced his older wife and married a younger wife
loyalThe loyal wife stood by her husband through thick and thin.
unhappyThe unhappy wife waited patiently for her husband to return home.
nobleThe noble wife tended to the sick and the needy.
legitimateHe married his long-time mistress, making her his legitimate wife
desertedThe deserted wife was left alone to fend for herself.
attractiveMy neighbor has an attractive wife
dearestMy dearest wife I am writing to you from the front lines.
faithlessThe faithless wife lied about her whereabouts the night before.
amiableThe amiable wife was adored by all of the community members.
gentleMy gentle wife made me a cup of tea.
handsomeI am a happily married man with a handsome wife
suitableI'm looking for a suitable wife for my son.
niceHe has a nice wife and two lovely kids.
fairMy fair wife is a kind and loving soul.
obedientThe dedicated nurse ensured her obedient wife had all her needs met.
invalidHe married an invalid wife
innocentThe innocent wife was unaware of her husband's sinister plan.
bornShe is a born wife and mother.
batteredThe battered wife sought refuge in a women's shelter.
intendedHe proposed his intended wife last month.
agedThe aged wife sat on the porch, watching the sunset.
naggingThe nagging wife constantly reminded her husband of his shortcomings.
fatMy fat wife is very beautiful.
childlessThe childless wife felt a pang of sadness as she watched the other mothers play with their children.

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