Adjectives for Will

Adjectives For Will

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing will, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'will' carries a profound versatility, adapting its meaning breathtakingly with the adjectives it partners. A 'good will' whispers of benevolence and positive intentions, while a 'free will' champions the spirit of autonomy and choice. In contrast, 'own will' nods at personal determination, an intimate claim of one's desires. On its darker side, 'ill will' paints a picture of malice and negativity. Meanwhile, 'divine will' elevates the concept into a realm of spiritual destiny or fate, and 'political will' speaks to the determination within the corridors of power. Each adjective, weaving its unique shade of meaning, enriches the noun 'will' with nuanced dimensions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'will' below and unravel the intricate hues they add.
goodThe company has earned a lot of good will from the customers.
freeI made this decision of my own free will
ownHe decided to leave of his own will
illEven though there was no actual confrontation, there was a lot of ill will between the two teams.
divineI believe that everything happens according to the divine will
politicalThe new government has demonstrated a strong political will to tackle climate change.
humanThe human will to survive is a powerful force.
lastI leave to my last will all my possessions.
generalThe general will of the people is often expressed through democratic elections.
strongShe had a strong will and was determined to succeed.
popularThe referendum gauged the popular will on the issue of independence.
arbitraryThe arbitrary will of the king was absolute.
holyThe holy will of the people shall prevail.
collectiveThe collective will of the people will prevail.
indomitableShe continued down the path with an indomitable will her spirit unbroken.
consciousWith conscious will I chose to embrace the unknown.
mereWith mere will one can overcome any obstacle
perfectMy perfect will is to be happy.
universalThe universal will is the driving force behind the cosmos.
rationalMy rational will is to make the best decision.
creativeThe creative will of the artist shone through in every brushstroke.
pureDespite the hardships, she was able to overcome them with pure will
sovereignThe sovereign will of the people is expressed through their elected representatives.
absoluteHe possessed an absolute will to succeed.
validThe valid will was signed and witnessed by three people.
mutualThe two signatories agreed to sign a mutual will
stubbornDespite the obstacles, he pressed on with a stubborn will
strongerWith a stronger will you can overcome any obstacle.
resoluteHer resolute will guided her through the toughest of times.
eternalThe eternal will of the universe is beyond our comprehension.
sureI sure will help you with that.
royalThe prince carried out the royal will without question.
supremeThe supreme will of the people should be respected.
heartyHe ate the hearty meal with a hearty will
imperiousThe general's imperious will was obeyed without question.
imperialThe Senate passed a resolution denouncing the emperor's imperial will
legislativeThe legislative will of the people is reflected in the laws that are passed.
wickedHis wicked will was to cause as much pain as possible.
nuncupativeTheir nuncupative will was contested and overturned in probate court.
righteousHis righteous will had prevailed.
intelligentThe intelligent will overcome obstacles with ease.
ethicalThe ethical will is a document that expresses a person's values, beliefs, and wishes for their family and friends after their death.
blessedBlessed will be the soul that finds harmony.
graciousWe accept your gracious will with humility and gratitude.
unconquerableThe soldier fought with an unconquerable will to win.
unitedA united will can accomplish great things.
unconsciousHer unconscious will to survive had overriden all else.
blindThe blind will can only see with their heart.
inscrutableThe inscrutable will of fate brought them together in an unexpected encounter.

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