Adjectives for Window

Adjectives For Window

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing window, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a window can dramatically alter the imagery and mood of a sentence. An open window carries a sense of freedom and possibility, inviting the outside world in. A small window, on the other hand, can evoke feelings of confinement or intimacy, depending on the context. Describing a window as front situates it within a specific spatial understanding, anchoring the narrative. Meanwhile, a large window suggests openness and grandeur, offering broad vistas and abundant light. And an oval window? It adds a touch of uniqueness and charm, hinting at what lies beyond conventional shapes and perspectives. Each adjective unlocks a new way to see through the glass pane. Discover more ways to describe a window and the various nuances they bring to your narrative.
openI heard my friend's voice outside the open window
smallI could see through the small window that the rain had stopped.
frontThe front window was covered in a thick layer of dust.
largeThe large window let in a lot of light.
littleThe little window was open wide, letting in a cool breeze.
ovalThe oval window is a membrane-covered opening in the skull that transmits vibrations from the middle ear to the inner ear.
mainThe main window overlooked the garden.
eastThe east window was open to the breeze, letting in the fresh air.
rearThe man watched the events unfolding in the apartments across the rear window
singleThe single window offers a convenient way to complete all necessary trámites.
glassThe bright sun shone through the sparkling glass window
upperThe upper window needed to be painted.
roundThe round window is a membrane-covered opening in the petrous part of the temporal bone.
narrowThe room had a narrow window overlooking the street.
brokenThe broken window let in a cold draft.
bigThe big window let in plenty of natural light.
floorHe was gazing outside the floor window of his office.
frenchThe french window opened onto a beautiful garden.
activeThe active window is the one that you are currently working on.
stainedThe sunlight streaming through the stained window cast a kaleidoscope of colors on the floor.
storyShe is a story window into memories of the heart and soul.
tinyThe tiny window let in a sliver of light.
lightedThrough the lighted window I could see a man sitting at a desk, reading.
wideThe wide window overlooked the bustling city.
currentThe current window is displaying the latest news.
lightThe light window was framed by the bamboo blinds.
upstairsI opened the upstairs window to let in some fresh air.
separateThere is a separate window for the driver.
circularThe church had many ornate circular windows.
bayThe bay window offered a panoramic view of the city skyline.
southThe warm sunlight streamed through the south window creating a cozy atmosphere.
archedThe arched window let in the warm sunlight, casting intricate patterns on the stone floor.
sunnyThe warm rays of sun streamed through the sunny window
hugeHe looked through the huge window that overlooked the garden.
rectangularThe rectangular window overlooked the bustling city.
tallThe tall window let in a flood of sunlight.
nearestHe rushed towards the nearest window
curtainedThe dim light of the city seeped through the curtained window
gratedThe grated window allowed a dim light to illuminate the dungeon.
leftThe left window was open.
terminalI opened the terminal window to run the program.
backHis back window was full of stickers and plastered with bumper magnets.
sideHe looked out the side window of the car.
topThe top window was left open.
thinSunlight streamed through the thin window and illuminated the dusty room.
gothicThe gothic window cast an eerie glow on the ancient chamber.
easternThe eastern window provided a beautiful view of the sunrise.
oppositeThe thief escaped through the opposite window
dirtyThe dirty window obscured the view.
doubleHe was looking out of the double window at the falling snow.
transparentThe transparent window of the skyscraper allowed for a stunning view of the city.
latticedThe sun streamed through the latticed window
westThe sun streamed in through the west window
broadThe broad window overlooked the bustling city below.
shutteredThe old house stood abandoned, its shuttered windows staring out into the fading light.
venetianThe living room is lit by a large venetian window
mullionedThe living room had an impressive mullioned window that overlooked the park.
uncurtainedA man was watching me through the uncurtained window
headedThe headed window overlooked the garden.
shatteredThe shattered window filled the room with shards of glass.
promptPlease click on the prompt window that appears when you open the software.
levelI opened the level window to let the fresh air in.
emptyI looked out the empty window
dustyI wiped the dusty window with a damp cloth.
brightSunlight streamed through the bright window casting a warm glow over the room.
panedSunlight streamed through the paned window illuminating the dust motes that danced in the air.

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