Adjectives for Windows

Adjectives For Windows

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing windows, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe windows can paint a vivid picture and convey a multitude of nuances. An open window invites the breeze and suggests a connection to the outside world, while a large window floods a room with natural light, creating an airy and spacious atmosphere. Conversely, a small window might hint at coziness or privacy. The material, such as glass, and the style, for example, tall or french windows, further refine the image, influencing the mood and character of a space. Delve deeper into how each adjective reshapes our perception of windows by exploring the full list below.
openThe open windows let in a refreshing breeze.
largeThe house had large windows that let in plenty of natural light.
smallThe small windows provided a limited view of the outside world.
glassThe glass windows reflected the sunlight, illuminating the room.
tallThe tall windows let in a lot of natural light.
frenchThe living room had ample light thanks to the many french windows
stainedThe stained windows cast colorful light onto the altar.
highThe high windows let in lots of natural light.
brokenThe broken windows made the house look abandoned.
archedThe sunlight peeked through the arched windows as the morning sang its song.
frontI looked through the front windows of the empty school.
narrowThe house had tall, narrow windows that let in just a sliver of light.
upperThe upper windows provided a clear view of the city.
longThe long windows let in plenty of sunlight.
bigThe house had big windows that let in plenty of sunlight.
mullionedThe old cathedral had impressive mullioned windows
lightedOutside, there were many lighted windows but inside, there was only darkness.
floorThe floor windows offer a great view of the city.
wideThe house had wide windows that let in plenty of sunlight.
gothicThe gothic windows of the ancient cathedral let in shafts of colored light
shutteredThe abandoned house stood vacant, its shuttered windows staring out into the emptiness.
doubleThe old house had double windows to keep the noise out.
headedThe old car had rusted headed windows
lowerThe bus driver asked the passengers to lower windows to clear the fog.
hugeThe house had huge windows that let in lots of natural light.
multipleThe library had many patrons reading on cushions by its multiple windows
closedThe room was stuffy due to the closed windows
lightThe light windows let in a flood of natural light.
tintedThe man gazed through the limo's tinted windows
curtainedThe sunlight streamed through the curtained windows casting a warm glow onto the room.
tinyThe tiny windows framed the picturesque mountains perfectly.
panedThe old house gleamed in the sunlight with its white paint and sparkling paned windows
darkThe dark windows obscured the view inside the room.
pointedThe pointed windows of the cathedral reached up to the sky like arrows.
backI could see the man through my back windows
latticedSunlight streamed through the latticed windows casting intricate shadows on the floor.
rearThe rear windows of the car were all shattered.
squareThe old house had beautiful square windows that let in a lot of sunlight.
storyThe church's stained glass story windows depicted scenes from the Old Testament.
leadedI loved watching the sunlight come through the leaded windows in the cathedral.
circularThe circular windows let in ample light, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.
ceilingThe tall room was bathed in warm light from the ceiling windows
beautifulThe beautiful windows let in streams of sunlight and fresh air.
rectangularThe old house had many rectangular windows that let in plenty of light.
roundThe wind blew through the round windows of the old church.
upstairsI watched the moon from the upstairs windows
gratedThe old house had grated windows to keep out intruders.
broadThe living room was bright and airy, thanks to the broad windows that let in plenty of sunlight.
hungThe hung windows of the old house creaked and groaned in the wind.
dirtyThe dirty windows made it difficult to see the beautiful view outside.
ovalThe doctor examined my oval windows during the hearing test.
numerousThe house had numerous windows that let in plenty of natural light.
darkenedThe car sped through the rain-soaked night, its darkened windows concealing the occupants within.
smallerThe old house's brick exterior and smaller windows gave it a Victorian aesthetic.
bayThe charming Victorian house featured elegant bay windows that let in an abundance of natural light.
southThe south windows let in the warm sunlight.
dormerThe dormer windows added a touch of charm to the otherwise plain facade of the house.
eastThe east windows of the house were open.
loftyWe gazed up at the lofty windows of the towering skyscraper.
shatteredThe old house stood abandoned with its shattered windows staring out blankly.
outsideThe outside windows were boarded up for the winter.
glazedThe sun was shining through the glazed windows
uncurtainedThe uncurtained windows offered a panoramic view of the serene countryside.
traceriedThe cathedral's traceried windows cast intricate patterns of light onto the stone floor.
dustyThe sunlight streamed through the dusty windows casting a warm glow on the room.
clerestoryThe clerestory windows in the cathedral allowed light to flood into the nave.
emptyThe old house stood by the road, its empty windows staring out at the world.
smashedThe vandals left behind a trail of smashed windows
shapedThe old house had beautifully shaped windows
cleanThe clean windows let in the sunlight.
blankThe old house had blank windows
topI opened the top windows to let in some fresh air.
brightThe bright windows illuminated the room with a warm glow.
easternThe eastern windows let in a warm glow of light.

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