Adjectives for Wines

Adjectives For Wines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of wines can be a delightful journey, especially when considering the impact of adjectives on our perception. Descriptive words like red, white, and sweet not only inform us about the visual and taste profile but also evoke emotional connections and expectations. A French wine, for instance, carries the allure of centuries-old vineyards and unparalleled sophistication, while a fine wine suggests a level of craftsmanship and quality that stands out among enthusiasts. The adjective good is subjective, inviting us to explore personal preferences and discover what truly appeals to our palate. Embark on a nuanced journey through our full list of adjectives commonly associated with wines, where each word unveils a new dimension of oenological enjoyment.
redI prefer red wines to white wines.
whiteI prefer red wines to white wines
frenchFrench wines are renowned for their exceptional flavors and aromas.
fineThe sommelier recommended a selection of fine wines from the cellar.
sweetI prefer sweet wines with cheese.
goodThey have good wines and the atmosphere is very cozy.
bestWe have the best wines from all over the world.
lightThe sommelier recommended a variety of light wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.
excellentHe was proud of his excellent wines
sparklingChampagne and other sparkling wines are made by adding a second fermentation to still wine.
dryThese are some of the best dry wines for summer.
finestThe cellar boasts a collection of the world's finest wines
foreignI enjoy drinking foreign wines
italianItalian wines are renowned for their quality and variety.
local"I would like to sample some of your local wines please."
spanishThe Spanish wines were a perfect complement to the meal.
germanGerman wines are often characterized by their crispness, acidity, and minerality.
richWe enjoyed a tasting of rich wines in the Napa Valley.
strongWe enjoyed a selection of strong wines with our meal.
expensiveThe sommelier recommended a selection of expensive wines
rareThe auction featured rare wines some dating back centuries.
choicestThe choicest wines were served at the dinner party.
lowThe low wines are the first distillate from the mash.
australianAustralian wines come in a huge variety of flavors and styles.
portuguesePortugal's many regions offer a wide variety of portuguese wines that pair perfectly with any meal.
europeanThis dish pairs well with European wines
deliciousWe enjoyed dinner with delicious wines and engaging conversation.
famousThe store had a large selection of famous wines
greekThe restaurant offered a variety of greek wines including reds, whites, and rosés.
betterI always bring better wines to our anniversary.
nativeI prefer to drink native wines
varietalGoing to the store, she picked up a few varietal wines
ordinaryI brought some ordinary wines to the party last night.
cheapI prefer cheap wines as they are more affordable and go well with certain foods.
costlyWe uncorked a bottle of one of our most costly wines for the celebration.
qualityWe are proud to offer a wide selection of quality wines from around the world.
generousThe bar offered a selection of generous wines
bodiedThese full-bodied wines have a robust flavor profile with rich tannins and a long finish.
rhenishThe estate bottled rhenish wines have a fine, fruity character.
exquisiteI ordered the most exquisite wines from the restaurant's list.
hungarianHungary produces some of the most exquisite Hungarian wines in the world.
madeWe made wines in the garage and bottled them last week.
richestThe prestigious winery is known for producing some of the richest wines in the region.
domesticThe supermarket had a large selection of domestic wines
delicateWe had a dinner with delicate wines and a wonderful cheese platter.
topThe restaurant offers a selection of top wines to complement their exquisite dishes.
fortifiedThe sweet fortified wines were a great complement to the desserts.
lighterI prefer lighter wines such as Pinot Noir.
bottledWe uncorked the finest bottled wines from our cellar for the special occasion.
regionalThe tasting menu was paired with a selection of regional wines
inexpensiveWe found several inexpensive wines at the local grocery store.
southThe south wines are very popular in this region.
chileanChilean wines have been gaining popularity in recent years for their quality and affordability.
fermentedThe party supplies included cheese, crackers, and fermented wines
stillUsually, a blend of red and white wines is used to create rosé, but sometimes it's made from still wines
sourI'm sorry, but I can't drink sour wines
strongerThe bar offers a variety of drinks, including stronger wines
pricedThe restaurant served a variety of high-priced wines.
knownThe shop is best known wines for its vast selection across multiple vintages and price points.
superbThe restaurant is renowned for its superb wines
weakThe restaurant offered a range of weak wines to complement its menu.
styleThe restaurant offered a range of delicious style wines
pleasantThe aroma of pleasant wines filled the room.
medicinalThe winery produces a variety of medicinal wines each with its own unique properties.
favoriteMy favorite wines are Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.
fruityI enjoy drinking fruity wines with my friends.
spicedI like to drink spiced wines during Christmas.
alcoholicAlcoholic wines include those made from grapes, such as red, white, and rosé, as well as those made from other fruits, such as berries, apples, and plums.
classI have some delicious class wines from the local vineyard that I'd like to share.
finerThe collectors gathered to taste finer wines
superiorThe restaurant is known for its superior wines

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