Adjectives for Wing

Adjectives For Wing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a wing can significantly shift the narrative or description. Whether it's the right or left wing of a building, or the west, east, radical, or north aspect of a political movement, each adjective carries its unique implications and connotations. Understanding these nuances can empower your writing, providing clarity and precision to your descriptions. For a comprehensive look at how adjectives can transform your discussion about wings, explore our full list below.
rightTheir right wing was severely damaged in the crash.
leftThe left wing of the plane was damaged in the crash.
westWe watched the West wing on television.
eastLet's meet in the east wing of the palace.
radicalThe radical wing of the party has been pushing for more aggressive policies.
northThe north wing of the hospital is home to the maternity ward.
southThe south wing of the museum is where you'll find the Egyptian collection.
conservativeThe conservative wing of the party opposed the legislation.
extremeThe extreme wing of the party is pushing for a more aggressive stance.
liberalThe liberal wing of the party was not happy with the decision.
brokenThe bird's broken wing left it unable to fly.
easternThe eastern wing of the museum houses a collection of contemporary art.
greaterThe jet landed on the runway with greater wing angle adjustment than usual.
southernThe southern wing of the museum is home to a collection of modern art.
militaryThe military wing of the organization was responsible for the attacks.
westernI'll meet you in the western wing of the hospital.
northernThe northern wing of the hospital is reserved for maternity patients.
hindThe adult hind wing bears a single tornus and no hamules.
moderateThe aircraft utilizes a moderate wing design for efficiency in various flight conditions.
lowerThe lower wing of the plane was damaged during the storm.
lesserThe bird flew with lesser wing strength than usual.
entireThe entire wing was destroyed by the hurricane.
upperThe bird of prey soared high in the sky with its upper wing extended.
starboardThe starboard wing of the plane was damaged in the storm.
frontThe car's front wing was damaged in the accident.
progressiveThe progressive wing of the party is pushing for more ambitious climate policies.
rearThe car's rear wing was designed to increase downforce.
posteriorThe posterior wing was significantly longer than the anterior wing.
portThe mechanic inspected the port wing of the aircraft before takeoff.
separateThe separate wing of the palace was reserved for the royal family.
oppositeThe butterflies fluttered and danced in the opposite wing of the garden.
sphenoidThe sphenoid wing is a part of the sphenoid bone that forms the lateral wall of the orbit.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary wing of the party was gaining support.
foreThe bird's fore wing was clipped, so it could not fly.
storyThe story wing was a great success.
anteriorThe anterior wing of the butterfly was a beautiful iridescent blue.
topPenny pulled ahead and went into top wing
protectiveHe spread his protective wing over his family.
sweptThe sleek fighter jet soared through the sky, its swept wings cutting through the air with precision.
reformistThe reformist wing of the party favored a more gradual approach to change.
backThe back wing of the Formula One car provided downforce and stability.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary wing of the party met to discuss the upcoming election.
outerThe outer wing of the bird was damaged in the storm.
rectangularThe bird's rectangular wing is well suited for soaring.
socialistThe socialist wing of the party is pushing for a more progressive agenda.
fixedThe fixed wing aircraft soared through the sky at high speeds.
goldenThe eagle soared with its golden wings.
republicanThe republican wing of the party favors a strong military.
evangelicalThe evangelical wing of the party is a powerful force.
communistThe communist wing of the party was opposed to the reforms.
extremistThe extremist wing of the party has gained significant influence in recent years.
calledThey called wing
austrianThe museum has an austrian wing which houses the most famous works.
handThe bird's hand wings allowed it to soar through the air with ease.

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