Adjectives for Wings

Adjectives For Wings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the multitude of adjectives paired with the noun 'wings' opens up a vivid palette of imagination and understanding. Descriptors such as 'white', 'long', 'black', 'hind', and 'broad' do more than just paint a picture; they imbue our thoughts with texture and depth. 'White wings' might evoke purity or celestial beings, whereas 'black wings' could suggest mystery or foreboding. 'Long' and 'broad wings' stir thoughts of majesty and power in flight, while 'hind wings' bring to mind the intricate detail of insect anatomy. Each combination of adjective and noun not only modifies the physical attributes but also adds layers of meaning, setting the stage for countless stories and interpretations. Delve into the full list of adjectives to discover the diverse ways in which 'wings' can be described and understood.
whiteThe dove spread its white wings and took flight.
longThe eagle had long wings that allowed it to soar above the mountains.
blackThe raven spread its black wings and flew away.
hindThe beetles have hind wings
largeThe majestic eagle soared through the sky on its large wings
broadThe eagle soared through the sky on its broad wings
outstretchedSwooping down from the sky, the bird glided with its outstretched wings
outspreadThe eagle soared through the sky with its outspread wings
rightThe bird's right wings were clipped.
shortThe little bird had short wings which made flying difficult for it.
goldenThe bird soared through the sky with its glimmering golden wings
foldedThe bird lay still with its folded wings its body trembling slightly.
wideThe bird soared through the sky on its wide wings
darkThe raven flapped its dark wings and soared through the air.
frontThe front wings of grasshoppers are called tegmina.
foreThe fore wings of the butterfly are covered in intricate patterns.
hugeThe giant bird spread its huge wings and soared through the air.
strongThe bird soared through the air with its strong wings
redThe Detroit Red wings are a professional hockey team based in Detroit, Michigan.
narrowThe bird's narrow wings cut through the air with ease.
lowerThe lower wings of the bird were slightly longer than its upper ones.
membranousThe moth's membranous wings fluttered gently in the breeze.
brightThe colorful butterfly flapped its bright wings in the wind.
extendedThe majestic eagle soared effortlessly through the sky, its extended wings spanning a great distance.
blueThe blue wings of the butterfly shimmered in the sunlight.
upperThe bird uses its upper wings to fly.
brokenThe bird with broken wings struggled to stay in flight.
brownThe brown wings of the bird fluttered in the wind.
pointedThe blackbird's pointed wings cut through the sky.
likeHer hair flowed behind her like wings
transparentThe butterfly's transparent wings fluttered in the sunlight.
tinyThe tiny wings of the hummingbird fluttered rapidly.
powerful"The bird's powerful wings helped it soar through the sky."
beautifulThe butterfly danced gracefully with its beautiful wings
mightyThe mighty wings of the eagle carried it high above the mountains.
greenThe hummingbird's green wings fluttered so quickly that they were nearly invisible.
expandedThe majestic eagle soared through the sky with its expanded wings
softThe hummingbird hovered in the air, its soft wings beating rapidly.
swiftThe falcon soared through the air with swift wings
thinThe delicate butterfly fluttered its thin wings in the gentle breeze.
yellowThe butterfly's yellow wings fluttered in the breeze.
roundedThe large bird had rounded wings that helped it glide through the air.
anteriorThe anterior wings distinguish this family from other related families.
delicateThe butterfly's delicate wings fluttered in the gentle breeze.
posteriorThe posterior wings had become hooked into the bracket by their anterior borders.
enormousThe mythical creature soared through the sky on its enormous wings
clippedThe bird struggled to fly, its clipped wings preventing it from soaring through the sky.
heavyThe large, heavy wings of the bird flapped slowly.
lesserThe butterfly's lesser wings fluttered in the summer breeze.
grayThe bird flew away on its gray wings
leftThe bird spread its left wings wide.
featheredThe ethereal creature soared through the cerulean sky on its feathered wings
separateThe two buildings had separate wings connected by a corridor.
rudimentaryThe bat's rudimentary wings allow it to glide through the air.
leatheryThe bat hovered in the air, its leathery wings beating softly.
coloredThe butterfly had beautiful colored wings
invisibleI heard whispers of invisible wings fluttering through the night.
lightThe butterfly flapped its light wings and fluttered away.
backThe butterfly fluttered its back wings to fly.
developedThe butterflies had developed wings that were delicate and beautiful.
vestigialThe fly has vestigial wings which are useless for flight.
outerThe bird spread its outer wings wide.
stubbyThe little bird struggled to fly with its stubby wings
eagleThe majestic eagle soared through the sky on its mighty eagle wings
vastThe bird spread its vast wings and soared into the sky.
giantThe giant wings of the bird spread wide as it took flight.
gauzyThe butterflies fluttered by with their gauzy wings
purpleThe butterfly has beautiful purple wings
slenderThe slender wings of the hummingbird fluttered rapidly.
motionlessShe sat on the porch and watched her dog sleeping, its motionless wings spread out wide in the sunlight.
greyThe bird's grey wings cut through the early morning mist.
shapedThe bird had uniquely shaped wings
colouredThe birds had beautiful coloured wings
storyHer story wings carried her to places she never could have imagined.
silentThe eagle's silent wings carried it through the sky.
curvedThe bird soared through the sky with its curved wings
artificialThe inventor attached the artificial wings to his back and soared through the sky.
eastThe east wings of the mansion were reserved for guests.
iridescentThe butterfly flapped its iridescent wings casting a rainbow of colors across the air.
rearThe rear wings of the car were designed to reduce drag and increase stability.
extremeThe bird had extreme wings that allowed it to soar through the air with ease.
straightThe bird's straight wings allowed it to fly with great speed.
flatThe bird flapped its flat wings as it soared through the sky.

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