Adjectives for Winner

Adjectives For Winner

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing winner, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a winner can significantly impact the perception of their victory. Whether it's a bread winner bringing sustenance to the table, a clear winner with an undeniable lead, or the first winner setting a precedent, each term paints a unique picture. Descriptors like big and real amplify the magnitude and authenticity of success, while time suggests a victory that stands the test of it. These nuances highlight the depth and diversity of triumph. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the perfect word that captures the essence of victory.
breadShe was the bread winner of the family.
clearThe clear winner of the competition was the team with the most points.
firstThe first winner of the lottery was announced yesterday.
realThe real winner is the one who stays true to oneself.
timeA time winner is a person who consistently wins at a game or competition.
sureThis horse is a sure winner in the upcoming race.
onlyThe only winner is the one who can control their emotions.
eventualThe eventual winner was a surprise to everyone.
prizeThe prize winner was overjoyed at the announcement.
easyThe race was an easy winner for the champion.
luckyThe lucky winner of the lottery was announced today.
overallThe overall winner of the competition was a young woman from a small town.
consistentThe consistent winner is always prepared.
likelyHe is the likely winner of the game.
ultimateThe ultimate winner of the competition will be announced next week.
biggestThe biggest winner of the lottery was a local school teacher.
medalThe medal winner was ecstatic after winning the gold.
potentialShe has the potential winner in her hands.
recentThe recent winner of the lottery is a local school teacher.
singleThe lottery had a single winner
finalThe final winner of the competition was announced at the award ceremony.
formerThe former winner of the lottery bought a new car.
olympicThe olympic winner received a gold medal.
jointTrevor Baylis and the late James Dyson were joint winners of the Prince Philip Designers Prize in 1997.
futureThere was a confidence in her that marked her as a future winner
previousThe previous winner of the lottery was a single mother of two.
topThe top winner of the lottery collected their prize money today.
trueThe true winner is the one who has overcome the most.
probableThe probable winner of the election is still unknown.
thirdThis time, he is the third winner of this competition.
grandThe grand winner of the lottery was overjoyed with their newfound wealth.
outrightShe was the outright winner of the competition.
soleThe sole winner of the lottery received a large sum of money.
youngestLast year, 22-year-old Anastasia Avilova emerged as the youngest winner of the 2019 Australian Open Junior Championship.
obviousThe obvious winner was the one with the most votes.
apparentThe apparent winner of the election was a surprise to many.
twiceShe is a twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
doubleThe movie was a double winner at the awards ceremony.
downThe down winner is the horse that finished last.
popularThe popular winner of the competition was announced.
provenMaria is a proven winner in the field of sales.
multipleThe film has been a multiple winner at film festivals.
frequentMaria, a frequent winner of the race, broke her own record this year.
cutThe cut winner received a trophy.
graciousThe gracious winner congratulated her opponent on a hard-fought game.
streamThe stream winner is often associated with the first path to enlightenment.
pastThe past winner of the lottery was very happy.
theThe winner received the trophy.
nominalThe nominal winner of the award was unable to attend the ceremony.
officialThe agency is not the official winner of the contract.
absoluteThe lucky lottery ticket holder was the absolute winner of the grand prize.
undisputedShe was the undisputed winner of the competition.
presidentialThe presidential winner was announced last night.
fireThe fire winner emerged from the flames victorious.
fortunateThe fortunate winner was announced at the ceremony.
successfulThe successful winner claimed their prize as soon as possible.
alternateThe alternate winner of the lottery received a cash prize.
perennialThe perennial winner of the competition was a team of experienced athletes.
famousThe famous winner received a standing ovation from the crowd.
runawayThe runaway winner of the election was the incumbent.
latestThe latest winner of the lottery is a 22-year-old man from New York.
maleThe male winner of the race was announced on the podium.
surefireThis promotion is a surefire winner with customers.
soonestThe soonest winner of the race will be announced tomorrow.
tripleIn the Olympics, the athlete became a triple winner
instantCongratulations, you're an instant winner
wrongThe wrong winner was announced due to a counting error.
classicShe is the classic winner of the tournament.
happyThe happy winner beamed with joy as they claimed their prize.

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