Adjectives for Winter

Adjectives For Winter

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing winter, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Winter, a season that evokes a myriad of feelings, is often described through adjectives that highlight its temporal span and temperature, such as last, long, late, first, next, and cold. The use of these adjectives can significantly alter the mood and imagery associated with winter. A long winter might suggest a period of endurance, while a cold winter brings to mind the chill that permeates the air and landscape. Similarly, first and next winter evoke anticipation and the cyclical nature of the seasons. Each adjective opens a window to a different scene, illuminating the season's varied facets. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with winter below, and discover how each nuances your understanding of this complex season.
lastLast winter the snow fell heavily and covered the ground in a thick blanket of white.
longThe long winter was upon us, and we had to prepare for the cold.
lateThe snow that had fallen in late winter was melting rapidly.
firstJohn bundled up, preparing for his first winter in the frozen North.
nextNext winter I plan on traveling to a warmer climate.
coldThe cold winter wind howled through the trees.
earlyThe early winter brought a chill to the air.
severeThe severe winter caused widespread power outages and transportation delays.
wholeThe cold lasted the whole winter
previousThe previous winter had been one of the coldest in recent memory.
secondThe second winter was particularly harsh, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.
pastI still feel the cold from past winter
mildWe had a mild winter this year.
northernThe northern winter is typically cold and snowy.
midThe temperature was freezing during mid winter
bitterIcicles hung from the eaves during the bitter winter
russianThe harsh Russian winter brought snowstorms and freezing temperatures.
harshThe harsh winter made it difficult to leave the house.
terribleThe terrible winter brought snowstorms and freezing temperatures.
entireThe children spent the entire winter building a snow fort.
nuclearThe nuclear winter that followed the war plunged the world into darkness and cold.
darkThe dark winter brought with it a sense of eerie silence.
englishThere was a hammering of sleet against the windows on an English winter's night.
drearyThe dreary winter had a frosty morning with a sun that was hard to find.
wetThe wet winter brought in a new season of growth.
badThe bad winter brought snow and ice to the region.
dryThe dry winter air can cause your skin to become itchy and flaky.
canadianThe snowfall during the Canadian winter is breathtaking.
coldestThe coldest winter I have experienced yet is the one I spent in Finland.
bleakThe bleak winter howled with an icy vengeance.
warmThe warm winter weather was perfect for a walk in the park.
southernThe southern winter brings with it cold, crisp air and clear skies.
arcticThe arctic winter was long and harsh.
snowyThe snowy winter blanketed the town in a pristine white cloak.
dreadfulThe dreadful winter weather kept us indoors for weeks.
antarcticThe Antarctic winter is the coldest and darkest time of the year at the South Pole.
rigorousThe rigorous winter brought frigid temperatures and relentless snowstorms.
worstThe worst winter in the past decade made everyone stay indoors.
cruelThe dogs wouldn't go outside when the cruel winter wind was blowing.
rainyThe rainy winter brought with it a cozy atmosphere.
polarThe polar winter is a period of darkness that occurs in the polar regions near the end of the year.
eternalThe kingdom endured an eternal winter where icy winds relentlessly swept across its desolate landscapes.
icyThe icy winter wind howled through the trees.
quietThe quiet winter nestled the town in a blanket of silence.
siberianThey survived the harsh conditions of the Siberian winter with great difficulty.
pleasantThe pleasant winter weather was perfect for a walk in the park.
overWe will not be receiving any more deliveries over winter
stormyThe stormy winter howled like a banshee, rattling windows and shaking the house to its core.
gloomyThe gloomy winter days dragged on with no sign of respite.
miserableThe miserable winter had everyone bundled up inside.
grimThe grim winter brought forth a desolate landscape.
difficultThe difficult winter left many without power and struggling to survive.
perpetualSnow-covered mountains embraced the valley in a perpetual winter
happyHappy winter with lots of snow and happiness.
busyThe city was bustling with activity during the busy winter
dullThe dull winter days made us yearn for the warmth of spring.
roughThe rough winter had taken its toll on the once-vibrant countryside.
coolThe cool winter breeze blew through the trees.
brutalThe brutal winter had stripped the trees of their leaves, leaving them bare and exposed.
sternThe stern winter froze the lake solid.
frigidThe frigid winter air chilled her to the bone.
fierceThe fierce winter winds howled through the trees.
endlessThe endless winter brought forth unimaginable hardships upon the land.
sadThe sad winter brought icy winds and bone-chilling cold.
dismalThe dismal winter had arrived, bringing with it dreary days and frigid nights.
lonelyThe lonely winter wind howled through the empty streets.

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