Adjectives for Wire

Adjectives For Wire

Explore our comprehensive guide on adjectives for wire, tailored to enhance your vocabulary. Discover how barbed, fine, thin, and hot can describe wire in diverse contexts. Each adjective is presented with a compelling sentence, making learning intuitive. Ideal for writers, educators, and students seeking precise descriptions. Dive into the uses of wire through vivid adjectives.

barbedA single strand of barbed wire marked the boundary of the prison yard.
fineThe delicate fine wire was used to create intricate jewelry.
thinThe thin wire was barely visible against the dark background.
hotThe thief used a hot wire to break into the car.
singleThe single wire was all that remained of the old fence.
longThe long wire stretched across the room.
insulatedAn electrician installed the insulated wire into the wall for the new oven.
liveMy grandma is a lively 80-year-old live wire who keeps everyone on their toes.
electricThe frayed electric wire posed a serious fire hazard.
heavyThe heavy wire was used to secure the load.
thickThe thick wire was used to connect the two terminals.
stainlessThe stainless wire was used to create a sturdy and corrosion-resistant frame.
bareMy hands shook as I worked to untangle the bare wire
neutralThe neutral wire is typically white or gray.
twistedThe twisted wire hung from the ceiling, casting an eerie glow on the room.
roundThe electrician carefully attached the round wire to the terminal.
blackThe black wire hung from the ceiling.
coveredThe electrician used covered wire to connect the new outlet.
verticalThe vertical wire was used to connect the two circuits.
electricalPlease remove the electrical wire from the ground.
softThe soft wire bent easily.
drawnThe drawn wire was used to create a strong and durable cable.
flexibleThe flexible wire was able to be bent into any shape.
stiffThe vet listened attentively to my pet hamster's labored breaths as he worked quickly to attach a thin, stiff wire to its tiny leg.
threeConnect the three wire to the power supply.
solidThe solid wire was barely visible against the black background.
stoutThe stout wire held up the heavy weight with ease.
inchThe inch wire is used to connect the two terminals.
germanThe german wire was of the highest quality.
galvanizedThe galvanized wire used to reinforce the concrete was exceptionally strong.
horizontalThe horizontal wire carries a current that creates a magnetic field.
metallicThe metallic wire conducts electricity efficiently.
bentThe bent wire snaked through the hole and emerged on the other side.
overheadThe train was running smoothly under the overhead wire
coiledShe had a large toolbox full of screws, coiled wire and nails.
redThe red wire was the one that was connected to the positive terminal.
twoI need to buy two wire today.
heatedThe heated wire caused the fire to spread.
coatedThe contractor used coated wire to secure the fence posts.
negativeThe power supply has a positive wire and a negative wire
ordinaryThe ordinary wire was used to connect the two devices.
fourThe outlet had a four wire configuration.
strandedThe stranded wire was hanging dangerously from the ceiling.
middleConnect the middle wire to the second post on the right.
carryingThe electrician was carrying wire to the new construction site.
topThe top wire was loose and could have resulted in a disaster.
labialThe labial wire was used to align the anterior teeth.
stretchedThe stretched wire hummed with tension.
rustyThe old rusty wire hung loosely on the fence.
crossThe cross wire of the telescope was broken.
smoothThe smooth wire glided effortlessly through the conduit.
looseI tripped over a loose wire and fell down the stairs.
aerialThe aerial wire stretches across the valley, carrying electricity to far-flung homes.
pureHe used pure wire to connect the two terminals.
secondaryThe secondary wire is run from the secondary transformer to the motor.
smallerThe smaller wire has a lower resistance than the thicker wire.
circularThe circular wire wrapped around the core of the transformer.
tautThe taut wire snapped under the pressure.
nichromeThe nichrome wire was heated to a high temperature.
steelThe steel wire was strong enough to hold the heavy object.
excessIn order to facilitate future modifications to the electrical system, an excess wire should be added.
doubleThe double wire fence kept the animals from escaping.
lightThe current ran through the light wire
bindingSecure the bundle with binding wire
rectangularThe rectangular wire was used to create a custom frame for the painting.
coarseThe coarse wire was twisted into a tight coil.

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