Adjectives for Wireless

Adjectives For Wireless

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wireless, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'wireless' conveys a sense of freedom and innovation, becoming a cornerstone in today's technology-driven world. When paired with adjectives like 'German engineering' it evokes a standard of precision and quality. 'New' suggests advancements and updates that keep technologies at the cutting edge. 'Portable' and 'mobile' highlight the convenience and freedom of movement that wireless devices offer, enabling users to stay connected anywhere. 'Broadband' emphasizes high-speed internet access, essential for streaming and gaming. 'Directional' touches on the technical aspect of signal transmission, ensuring optimal performance. Each adjective sheds light on the versatility and ever-evolving nature of wireless technology. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives enhancing the noun 'wireless' and their implications below.
germanIn the end, German wireless is just as secure as Swiss cheese.
newThe new wireless technology allows for faster data transfer speeds.
portableThis portable wireless charger will keep your devices powered up wherever you go.
mobileThe mobile wireless technology has revolutionized communication.
broadbandThe company offers broadband wireless access to rural areas.
directionalThe directional wireless signal was strong enough to reach the distant receiver.
wiredThe wired wireless technology allows us to connect to the internet without the use of physical wires.
oldThe old wireless was crackling with static.
fixedThe company provides fixed wireless broadband service to its customers.
britishThe British wireless is a reliable and efficient way to stay connected.
secretI'm not sure what you mean by 'secret wireless', can you give me more context?
basedThe technology is based wireless that it's not very expensive.
commercialThe commercial wireless industry is a rapidly growing sector of the economy.
terrestrialTerrestrial wireless networks have become increasingly important in recent years.
earlyThe early wireless was a revolutionary invention that changed the way people communicated.
generationThe latest generation wireless technology is 5G.
opticalOptical wireless is a communication technology that uses light to transmit data over short distances.
rangeThe range wireless feature enhances connectivity and flexibility.
russianThe Russian wireless industry is one of the largest in the world.
americanAmerican wireless is a leading provider of wireless communication services in the United States.
waveThe wave wireless technology is gaining popularity.
freeI can access free wireless internet at the library.
transatlanticThe Titanic tragedy underscored the need for reliable transatlantic wireless communication.
frenchI recently purchased a new French wireless router.
modernThe modern wireless network provides a fast and reliable connection.
digitalThe latest digital wireless technology provides faster and more reliable internet access.
officialHe was an official wireless operator on the battleship.
powerfulThe new router provides powerful wireless coverage throughout the home.
interceptedThe intercepted wireless communication revealed the plans of the enemy.
speedThe speed wireless broadband connection is what we all need.}
integratedThe device has integrated wireless capabilities.
mentalThe company is working on a new technology called "mental wireless" that allows people to communicate with each other without using any physical devices.
latestJohn used his latest wireless device to send a message.
bambooThe bamboo wireless network was spotty at best.
shortwaveThe shortwave wireless signal crackled through the static.
cellularThe company provides cellular wireless services to customers in rural areas.
wayThe way wireless technology has developed is amazing.
practicalPractical wireless is the practical application of wireless technology.
universalUniversal wireless is a technology for sharing data and other information without physical wires.
distanceShe connected her phone to the distance wireless hotspot.
mysteriousMy mind was boggled by the mysterious wireless signal coming from the thick forest.
controlledThe controlled wireless system enabled remote data access.
navalThe naval wireless operator intercepted the enemy's secret message.
italianI lost my Italian wireless headphones.
ordinarySarah could not bear to use ordinary wireless because it was a major lapse in reliability.
transoceanicThis transoceanic wireless connection is a major advance in global communication.
fiveWe can connect five wireless devices simultaneously.
amateurThe amateur wireless operator set up his equipment in the backyard.
wideThe wide wireless network allowed us to connect from anywhere in the house.
sovietThe message was sent via soviet wireless
undergroundKeep your devices connected with our underground wireless coverage.
marineThe ship sent a distress signal using its marine wireless
hiddenThe connection to the hidden wireless network was established quickly.
indoorThe indoor wireless network provides reliable connectivity throughout the building.
atlanticI use Atlantic wireless for my cell phone service.
wonderfulThe rapid development of wonderful wireless has brought great convenience to our lives.
advancedThe company provides advanced wireless connectivity solutions for various industries.
silentThe silent wireless technology allows for covert communication.
diplomaticWe use diplomatic wireless to communicate with embassies abroad.
strangeI heard a strange wireless signal late last night.
netThe net wireless connection speed is 200 Mbps.
japaneseThe Japanese wireless industry is highly competitive.
infraredThe infrared wireless controller can be used to operate the device from a distance.
clandestineThe spies passed secret information over the clandestine wireless network.
pointThe point wireless was not working.
primitiveThe small group of islanders communicated with primitive wireless
madeThe new device is made wireless to enhance its portability.
hisHe connected his wireless to the internet.

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