Adjectives for Wiring

Adjectives For Wiring

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wiring, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe wiring can illuminate the context and nuances of your discussion or writing. Electrical and electric wiring often play pivotal roles in conversations about infrastructure or appliance setup, emphasizing the nature and scope of the wiring's purpose. Internal wiring, on the other hand, brings attention to the intricacies and placement within a system. Terms like hard and direct can specify the wiring's installation method or its connection type, offering clarity on technical specifications. Meanwhile, faulty wiring is a critical descriptor that highlights problems or hazards, urging immediate attention. Each adjective not only adds detail but also shapes the perception of the wiring discussed, guiding understanding and response. Discover the full range of adjectives used with wiring to enhance your descriptions.
electricalThe electrician reviewed the electrical wiring before beginning his work.
electricThe electrician carefully inspected the electric wiring before connecting the new appliance.
internalThe internal wiring of the device was faulty.
hardThe hard wiring of the new computer was a complex and delicate process.
faultyThe faulty wiring in the house caused an electrical fire.
directThe technician completed the direct wiring of the new electrical system.
defectiveThe fire marshal cited defective wiring as the cause of the house fire.
interiorInspectors will check the interior wiring and plumbing before issuing an occupancy permit.
interosseousThe interosseous wiring technique was used to stabilize the fracture fragments.
openThe old house had open wiring which was a fire hazard.
printedThe printed wiring board is a type of electrical circuit board that is made by printing conductive traces on a non-conductive substrate.
specialThe special wiring was designed to withstand extreme temperatures.
circumferential"Use circumferential wiring as well as figure-of-eight wiring for stability."
residentialThe electrician ran new residential wiring throughout the house.
intermaxillaryThe patient had to undergo intermaxillary wiring to stabilize his jaw.
interdentalThe surgery most frequently requires interdental wiring of the mandible for the first six weeks.
externalThe external wiring was damaged during the storm.
additionalI need additional wiring for my home renovation project.
temporaryAll temporary wiring should be replaced with permanent wiring once the building is complete.
permanentThe company changed its policy to permanent wiring for new satellite installations.
necessaryThe necessary wiring for the new electrical system was completed on time.
transosseousTransosseous wiring minimizes damage to the tooth root and surrounding bone structure.
insideThe inside wiring of the house was faulty.
undergroundThe electrician carefully laid the underground wiring to ensure a reliable power supply.
overheadThe train can't go under the bridge because of the overhead wiring
pointThe electrician ran the point wiring to the new outlet.
properThe electrician ensured proper wiring throughout the house.
twistedThe electrician noticed the twisted wiring behind the outlet.
secondary"Secondary wiring" is the wiring that connects the main electrical panel to the subpanels.
standardConnect the standard wiring according to the diagram.
conventionalThe building's conventional wiring system was outdated and needed to be replaced.
ordinaryThe ordinary wiring in the house was quite old.
badThe bad wiring in the house caused a fire.
associatedThe electrician checked the associated wiring before installing the new outlet.
flexibleThe flexible wiring allowed the device to be moved without damage.
hotThe thief was arrested for hot wiring a car.
adequateThe building's electrical system has adequate wiring for the new appliances.
circuitUnplug the circuit wiring before servicing the electrical junction box.
horizontalThe horizontal wiring in the building needed to be redone due to faulty connections.
sublaminarThe sublaminar wiring contained in the dendritic groups of the inferior colliculus plays an important role in the analysis of auditory information.
looseThe loose wiring in the basement caused a fire.
complexThe complex wiring of the computer was a marvel of engineering.
posteriorThe posterior wiring of the brain was examined using diffusion tensor imaging.
crossThe cross wiring in the old house caused several electrical problems.
correctEnsure correct wiring before operation.
neuralThe neural wiring in the brain is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
intraosseousIntraosseous wiring is a surgical procedure that involves inserting wires into the bone to stabilize it.
improperThe fire was caused by improper wiring
transnasalThe transnasal wiring of the endoscope allowed for a less invasive procedure.
extraThe extra wiring caused a power surge in the facility.
parallelThe parallel wiring allows the current to flow through multiple paths concurrently.
outsideThe technician checked the outside wiring to the building.
signalThe signal wiring in the system was faulty.
interspinousInterspinous wiring is a surgical technique used to stabilize the spine.
unshieldedThe unshielded wiring caused interference with the nearby radio.
inadequateThe inadequate wiring caused the building to fail the inspection.
typicalThe electrician checked the typical wiring for the lights.
outdoorThe outdoor wiring was in need of repair.
complicatedThe complicated wiring of the old building posed a challenge for the electricians.
structuredThe structured wiring in the building allows for easy network reconfiguration.
incorrectThe incorrect wiring caused a power outage.
globalCloud servers can be easily connected using global wiring
exposedThe house was in danger due to the exposed wiring
panelThe panel wiring was completed this morning.
electronicThe electronic wiring in the building was faulty.
segmentalThe segmental wiring of the nervous system refers to the way in which neurons are organized into functional groups based on their location within the body.
extensiveThe house had extensive wiring throughout, ensuring that every room was well-connected.
discretionaryIts discretionary wiring allowed it to be remotely operated.
frayedThe frayed wiring sparked and caused a small fire.
lightThe light wiring in the attic was faulty.

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