Adjectives for Wisdom

Adjectives For Wisdom

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wisdom, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives linked with 'wisdom' unveils a tapestry of nuance and depth, painting a vivid picture of its multifaceted nature. From the 'conventional wisdom' that roots us in societal norms, to the 'divine wisdom' that connects us to something greater, each adjective offers a unique shade of meaning. 'Practical wisdom' arms us for daily living, while 'human wisdom' reflects our collective experience. The adjectives 'great' and 'infinite' remind us of wisdom's vast potential and depth. Understanding the different contexts in which 'wisdom' is framed can deeply enrich our appreciation and application of the concept. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that add color and detail to 'wisdom' below.
conventionalConventional wisdom advises against swimming immediately after eating.
divineHer divine wisdom guided her through the treacherous path.
practicalPractical wisdom can mean learning from one's own and others' past mistakes.
humanHuman wisdom is the greatest gift we have.
greatGreat wisdom comes from experience.
infiniteThe ancient sage imparted his infinite wisdom to his devoted disciples.
trueTrue wisdom is knowing what to do when you don't know what to do.
worldlyHer worldly wisdom guided her through the treacherous waters of the corporate world.
ancientThroughout history, people have sought ancient wisdom to guide their lives
superiorThe scholars have superior wisdom in philosophy.
collectiveThe collective wisdom of the group guided their decision.
highestThe highest wisdom comes from silence.
perfectThe great master shared his perfect wisdom with his disciples.
traditionalTraditional wisdom cautions against judging a book by its cover.
commonCommon wisdom suggests that we should save for a rainy day.
receivedThe received wisdom is that it will never snow in summer.
greaterSeeking guidance from those with greater wisdom often leads to new perspectives and deeper understanding.
heavenlyThe mentor shared his heavenly wisdom to the young apprentice.
eternalWith eternal wisdom life's complexities unravel like an ancient tapestry.
supremeThe sage possessed supreme wisdom guiding his followers with unparalleled insight.
higherEmbracing higher wisdom I find clarity and purpose amid the complexities of life.
innerTrusting her inner wisdom she made a decision that would forever change the course of her life.
popularPopular wisdom has it that you should never go to bed angry.
proverbialWith age comes proverbial wisdom
greatestThe greatest wisdom lies in knowing oneself.
intuitiveOur intuitive wisdom often guides us towards the right path.
secretAncient runes hold the secret wisdom of ages past.
ultimateUltimate wisdom lies in embracing the present moment and living without regrets.
acceptedThe accepted wisdom held that the new policy would fail.
manifoldThe manifold wisdom of the sages was evident in their teachings.
soundAdvice from grandparents often carries sound wisdom
consummateThe sage's consummate wisdom guided generations through the labyrinth of life.
unerringThe ancient sage offered his unerring wisdom to the young seeker.
purePure wisdom is a priceless treasure, hidden beneath layers of experience and contemplation.
innateHe possesses innate wisdom that allows him to navigate through life's challenges with grace and ease.
esotericThe ancient text contained esoteric wisdom that only a select few could comprehend.
deeperAncient trees possess deeper wisdom than any book.
matureThe old man spoke with mature wisdom his words carrying the weight of a lifetime's experience.
creativeEmbracing creative wisdom they transformed ordinary into extraordinary.
truestIn the tapestry of life, the truest wisdom lies in knowing our own true nature.
earthlyEarthly wisdom guides us through life's complexities.
godlyShe spoke with godly wisdom her words both comforting and insightful.
calmHer calm wisdom guided her through the turbulent waters.
inscrutableThe inscrutable wisdom of the old sage guided the young traveler on his perilous quest.
primordialShe had a profound understanding of primordial wisdom
instinctiveThe flock of birds demonstrated their instinctive wisdom by selecting the most optimal route for their migration.
extraordinaryHer extraordinary wisdom guided us through the treacherous journey.
legislativeThe legislative wisdom of the elders guided them in their decisions.
wonderfulThe old sage shared his wonderful wisdom with the young apprentice.
rareShe imparted rare wisdom with a simplicity that only comes from deep understanding.
holyThe holy wisdom of ancient sages guided his path.
doubtfulHe proceeded with doubtful wisdom ignoring the obvious risks.
foolishEven a foolish wisdom can sometimes guide the way.
transcendentalThe transcendental wisdom of the universe offers a profound understanding of life's complexities.

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