Adjectives for Wish

Adjectives For Wish

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wish, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to complement the noun 'wish' can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, giving it a unique emotional color or emphasis. Whether it's an 'earnest wish' that conveys a sense of profound sincerity and gravity, or a 'last wish' that adds a poignant finality to a character's desires, every adjective plays a crucial role. Describing a wish as 'own' personalizes it, making it inherently more intimate, while 'dearest' or 'sincere' emphasizes the depth of feeling behind it. This delicate selection process showcases the power of language in storytelling and communication, inviting readers to explore the vast array of adjectives that can precisely capture the essence of a 'wish.' Explore the full list below to uncover the perfect adjective for your next narrative.
ownEvery individual should be respected to pursue his own wish
lastI cherished her last wish knowing it was my solemn duty to honor her memory.
earnestHer earnest wish was finally granted.
onlyI only wish I had more time.
sincereMy sincere wish is for you to be happy.
ardentHis ardent wish was finally fulfilled when he was accepted into medical school.
unconsciousShe may be trying to conceal her unconscious wish to punish herself for some unknown sin.
strongI had a strong wish to succeed in my career.
piousHer pious wish was to die young, her soul unstained by the sins of this world.
greatestThe greatest wish I had was to travel the world.
ferventHer fervent wish was to reunite with her long-lost family.
mereI wish, this was all a mere wish
particularI had a particular wish that my family would be healthy and happy.
naturalI have a natural wish to complete my education.
leastI least wish to see you sad.
personalMy personal wish is to travel the world.
consciousHe expressed his conscious wish to be set free.
fondestHer fondest wish was to become a ballerina.
repressedThe therapist helped her to uncover her repressed wish to be a successful artist.
simpleI had a simple wish for my birthday.
expressThe boy decided to express wish when he met his old friend.
expressedThe board meeting will be held today to discuss the employee's expressed wish to transfer to another department.
unanimousThe unanimous wish of the committee was to host the conference in New York.
deepestMy deepest wish was to escape the confines of this mundane existence.
universalI think everyone's universal wish is to be happy.
heartfeltHer heartfelt wish was to be reunited with her family.
genuineHer genuine wish was to see the world.
soleMy sole wish is to see you happy.
constantI have a constant wish to see the world.
vainHer vain wish for a happy ending did not come true.
selfishHis selfish wish to possess all the wealth in the world blinded him to the suffering of others.
popularThe popular wish was for him to return to politics after the scandal.
infantileThe infantile wish can be seen through the adult's reaction to not getting what they want immediately.
urgentI have an urgent wish to see you again.
intenseThe traveler had an intense wish to finally reach the summit.
suddenHe felt a sudden wish to run away from home.
desperateI held on to my desperate wish a lifeline in the storm of uncertainty.
eagerI have an eager wish to travel the world.
smallestMy smallest wish is that I may never be anything but what I am.
fondHer fond wish would be to live abroad.
strongestMy strongest wish is to live a long and happy life.
foolishThe foolish wish to live forever leads to a life of constant fear.
utmostMy utmost wish is to live a life full of joy and happiness.
tonI made a ton wish that I could fly.
evilThe evil wish haunted her soul, fueling her desire for vengeance.
heartyI had a hearty wish to see the world.
lightestHer lightest wish was to live a life of adventure.
unspokenThe unspoken wish lingered between them, unspoken but palpable.
warmestMay all your warmest wishes come true.
devoutHer devout wish was to see her son again
royalHer royal wish was to travel the world.
idleMy idle wish is that I could have more time to spend with my family.

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