Adjectives for Wishing

Adjectives For Wishing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wishing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'wishing' carries a universe of possibilities and intentions, each nuanced by the adjectives that accompany it. From the hope encapsulated in 'well wishing' to the solitary yearning in 'individual wishing,' the adjective transforms the mood and outcome of the desire. 'Mere wishing' lightly touches on the ephemeral nature of some dreams, whereas 'ill wishing' darkens the sentiment, introducing a wish for misfortune. On the more determined end, 'firm wishing' reflects resolve and a stronger belief in the wish's fruition, while 'worth wishing' underscores the value and significance of the aspiration. Each combination of 'wishing' with an adjective opens a new window into the complexities of human hopes and dreams. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'wishing' below to discover the intricate layers of meaning they add.
individualThe individual wishing to travel should contact the airline for more information.
mereMere wishing will not make your problems go away.
illI harbor no ill wishing towards you.
firmDespite her firm wishing the hope dwindled.
worthIt's worth wishing for things you really care about.
longI have been long wishing to take a vacation to the beach.
muchMuch wishing will not make it so.
halfI was half wishing I'd brought a jacket.
latterMy father promised to come to dinner, the latter wishing it was tomorrow instead.
idle'I can't believe I just spent the last hour idle wishing I had done something more productive,' said Bob.
leastThe least wishing I had to do was the best.
earnestThe earnest wishing of the people for peace brought about the long-awaited treaty.
vainHer vain wishing was not enough to bring him back.
chineseThe chinese wishing lanterns made a beautiful show at the festival.
mutualThe mutual wishing of good health made the encounter a pleasant one.
foolishFoolish wishing will not turn a blind eye into a seeing one.
busyShe is busy wishing for a vacation.
everI couldn't help but question if she had ever wishing he would come back.
blindHis blind wishing and hoping brought him no good.
unconsciousUnconscious wishing can lead to a feeling of emptiness.
nativeThe native wishing he could start the life anew.
thoughtfulThe thoughtful wishing put us in a reflective mood.
terminalIn a moment of terminal wishing I imagined a world where all my dreams came true.
allAll wishing for better fortune brings good luck.
piousThe pious wishing didn't sway the teacher to change his mind.
futileSpending hours futile wishing for a reversal of fortune proved to be an exercise in futility.
wistfulHer wistful wishing like a gentle breeze, carried her thoughts to distant lands.
oceanThe ocean wishing on the shore washes away my footprints.
vietnameseA Vietnamese wishing on his birthday is to get a lucky red envelope.
childishThe childish wishing for a perfect world was soon replaced by the harsh realities of life.
hopelessHer hopeless wishing became a daily ritual, a desperate plea to an unyielding fate.
capitalistThe capitalist wishing for a world where money is the only thing that matters.
wiseWise wishing often leads to favorable outcomes.
elderlyThe elderly wishing for a peaceful and healthy life.
overseasI sent my overseas wishing to my family.
canadianShe ordered a Canadian wishing that the waiter would bring extra fries.
peaceThe peace wishing doves flew over the land.
omnipotentWith my omnipotent wishing I made all my dreams a reality, even the impossible ones.
sentimentalShe had a sentimental wishing that the winter would come again.

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