Adjectives for Withdrawal

Adjectives For Withdrawal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing withdrawal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'withdrawal' can deeply impact the nuance of what you're trying to convey. A 'social withdrawal' suggests a deliberate distancing from societal interactions, often laden with emotional undertones. By contrast, a 'complete withdrawal' implies a thorough removal from a situation or commitment, leaving no trace behind. Opting for 'immediate withdrawal' infers urgency and no deliberation, whereas 'gradual withdrawal' speaks to a careful, strategic retreat. Both 'British withdrawal' and 'Israeli withdrawal' introduce geopolitical nuances, anchoring the withdrawal in specific historical and cultural contexts. Each choice of adjective unveils a different layer of meaning. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with 'withdrawal' to enrich your writing.
socialSocial withdrawal is a significant risk factor for developing social anxiety disorder.
completeThe patient suffered complete withdrawal at the end of the study.
immediateThe patient is experiencing immediate withdrawal from the drug.
britishThe British withdrawal from India was a significant event in the history of the subcontinent.
gradualA gradual withdrawal from the active site is important for the safety profile of the drug.
israeliThe Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territory had been planned for months.
suddenHer sudden withdrawal from society was a mystery.
abruptThe abrupt withdrawal of the drug led to severe side effects.
totalThe patient experienced total withdrawal from the medication.
americanThe American withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disaster.
sovietThe Afghan mujahideen celebrated the Soviet withdrawal from the country.
earlyHe was forced to make an early withdrawal from his retirement account.
finalThe final withdrawal from the account was made last month.
partialThe partial withdrawal of troops from the border was a sign of goodwill.
temporaryI was surprised to learn of her temporary withdrawal from the tournament.
voluntaryHe had to attend counseling due to his voluntary withdrawal from society.
rapidThe patient experienced rapid withdrawal from the medication.
opiateThe opiate withdrawal was agonizingly painful.
militaryThe military withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complex and challenging operation.
acuteThe patient experienced acute withdrawal symptoms due to the cessation of his long-term benzodiazepine use.
emotionalHer emotional withdrawal worried her friends.
unilateralThe unilateral withdrawal of the troops from the conflict zone raised concerns about the stability of the region.
germanThe German withdrawal from the Soviet Union was a long and difficult process.
subsequentThe subsequent withdrawal from the bank account was not authorized.
furtherThe company announced a further withdrawal from the market.
orderlyThey organized an orderly withdrawal from the hazardous area.
strategicThe CEO announced that the company would be making a strategic withdrawal from the European market.
eventualThe patient's eventual withdrawal from the study was due to adverse events.
physical Dealing with the physical withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction can be incredibly difficult.
opioidSue experienced severe opioid withdrawal symptoms.
slowThe slow withdrawal from alcohol helped him overcome his addiction.
unconditionalThe unconditional withdrawal from the organization was effective immediately.
possibleWe are reviewing your account and will notify you if any possible withdrawal is detected.
narcoticThe patient was admitted to the hospital for narcotic withdrawal
russianThe Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan was a long and difficult process.
severeThe patient experienced severe withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of alcohol intake.
prematureThe premature withdrawal of funds from the account resulted in a penalty fee.
hastyThe hasty withdrawal of troops left the flanks of the army exposed.
iraqiThe Iraqi withdrawal refers to the withdrawal of all United States troops from Iraq in December 2011.
simultaneousThe two armies declared a simultaneous withdrawal from the contested territory.
japaneseThe Japanese withdrawal from the market left a void that was quickly filled by their competitors.
neonatalThe infant exhibited signs of neonatal withdrawal due to maternal substance use during pregnancy.
quickThe quick withdrawal of troops led to the collapse of the government.
tacticalThe general ordered a tactical withdrawal to regroup after losing several battalions.
promptThe doctor advised prompt withdrawal from the medicine following the adverse reaction.
psychologicalThe patient exhibited psychological withdrawal during the evaluation.
extremeThe extreme withdrawal from caffeine caused him to experience severe headaches.
progressiveThe company announced a progressive withdrawal of all employees from the conflict zone.
permanentThe permanent withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was a controversial decision.
precipitateThe patient's precipitate withdrawal from alcohol led to life-threatening seizures.
formalThe board passed a formal withdrawal of the company's membership.
vietnameseThe Vietnamese withdrawal from Cambodia was completed in 1989.
passiveThe patient experienced passive withdrawal from the medication, resulting in decreased symptoms.
plannedThe company announced a planned withdrawal from the market.
ultimateThe ultimate withdrawal from addiction can be a long and challenging process.
safeThe financial advisor recommended a safe withdrawal rate of 4%.
alcohol"Alcohol withdrawal" is a serious condition that can happen when a person who is dependent on alcohol suddenly stops drinking.
successfulThe patient's withdrawal symptoms gradually eased, indicating a successful withdrawal
consequentThe consequent withdrawal of support led to the collapse of the project
speedyThe company's speedy withdrawal from the market left investors with substantial losses.
deliberateThe student's deliberate withdrawal from class raised concerns among the faculty.
massiveThe massive withdrawal of troops left the border undefended.
steadyThe steady withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is a complex process.
cuban"Cuban withdrawal" refers to the process of gradually reducing and eliminating Cuban military and civilian personnel from Angola.
forcedThe forced withdrawal of the prisoners from the camp was a traumatic experience.
romanMy roman withdrawal is a success.
morphineThe patient experienced severe morphine withdrawal symptoms, including tremors, sweating, and nausea.
defensiveThe turtle retreated into its shell in a defensive withdrawal
excessiveHis excessive withdrawal from society led to his depression.
peacefulThe peaceful withdrawal of troops from the conflict zone was a major victory for diplomacy.
selectiveSelective withdrawal can be a protective mechanism to avoid further distress.
narcissisticThe patient's narcissistic withdrawal made it difficult for them to interact with others.
slightI felt a slight withdrawal after the strong tea.
quietAfter a quiet withdrawal the troops were ready to advance.
apparentHis apparent withdrawal had sent shivers down everyone's spine.
syrianThe Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon was a significant event in the history of the Middle East.
silentThe student's silent withdrawal from class was a sign of trouble.
caffeineI'm experiencing caffeine withdrawal and feeling tired and irritable.

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