Adjectives for Witness

Adjectives For Witness

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing witness, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a witness can dramatically shift the perception and credibility of their testimony. An expert witness brings an aura of authority and expertise, often swaying legal outcomes. In contrast, a false witness undermines the judicial process, casting doubt on proceedings. The use of first witness implies immediacy and direct knowledge of events, while an only witness carries the weight of sole testimony. The term bear witness speaks to the act of testifying or presenting evidence, adding a layer of solemnity. Meanwhile, a next witness alludes to the sequence of testimonial presentation. These nuances highlight how adjectives shape our understanding of witness roles and reliability. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to uncover more insights.
expertThe expert witness provided valuable testimony during the trial.
falseThe lawyer accused the witness of giving false witness
firstThe first witness to testify was the doctor who had treated the victim.
onlyThe only witness was a young woman who had been walking past the house at the time of the crime.
nextThe next witness will be called shortly.
competentThe prosecution called a competent witness to the stand.
christianThe Christian witness is a powerful force for good in the world.
eyeThe police interviewed several eye witnesses to the crime.
faithfulThe faithful witness will not lie, but the false witness will utter lies.
singleThe single witness provided a compelling account of the crime.
silentThe silent witness observed the entire incident from a concealed location.
importantThe important witness provided crucial testimony that helped solve the case.
chiefThe chief witness testified that he saw the defendant fleeing the scene.
principalThe principal witness in the case was a young woman who had been present at the crime scene.
medicalThe medical witness testified that the victim had died from a gunshot wound to the head.
keyThe key witness was a neighbor who saw the defendant fleeing the scene.
reliableThe reliable witness provided a clear and concise account of the events.
credibleHe is the most credible witness to the incident.
biblicalThe biblical witness is clear that God is the creator of all things, and that he loves and cares for all of his creation.
hostileThe hostile witness refused to answer any questions, citing the Fifth Amendment.
trueThe true witness is a powerful force in any court of law.
subscribing"This document was witnessed by me, a subscribing witness."
eloquentThe ruins of the ancient temple stood as an eloquent witness to the passage of time.
soleThe sole witness provided a detailed account of the incident.
thirdThe third witness offered a compelling account of the incident.
independentThe independent witness gave a compelling testimony that corroborated the defendant's alibi.
muteThe ancient tree stood as a mute witness to the passing centuries.
unwillingThe reluctant shop owner became an unwilling witness to the robbery.
impartialThe impartial witness observed the events of the night with an unbiased perspective.
apostolicThe apostolic witness of the early church is a powerful testimony to the truth of the gospel.
potentialThe potential witness was unable to provide any relevant information.
contemporaryThe contemporary witness provided a vivid account of the events.
reluctant"The reluctant witness finally testified after being subpoenaed."
bareI stood there and bare witness to the entire event.
propheticThe prophetic witness of the church is to speak truth to power, even when it is unpopular.
powerfulHer testimony was a powerful witness to the events that unfolded.
honestThe honest witness gave a detailed account of the accident.
trustworthyThe witness testified as a trustworthy witness
ampleThe ample witness of his good character convinced the jury to acquit him.
daily"The daily witness of a flock of sheep has filled me with peace."
inwardShe savored the inward witness of her achievement.
innerThe inner witness is the voice of your true self.
adverseThe case was dismissed because of the adverse witness who gave a false testimony.
interestedThe interested witness provided crucial information that helped solve the case.
valuableThe valuable witness gave testimony that helped convict the defendant.
friendlyThe friendly witness provided exculpatory evidence in court.
earliestThe earliest witness to this crime was a young boy.
unreliableThe jury discounted the testimony of the unreliable witness
disinterestedThe lawyer called the disinterested witness to testify in court.
truthfulThe truthful witness always tells the truth.
authentic"For your sake I will endure this scrutiny with an authentic witness," he said.
passiveThe child was a passive witness to the violent argument.
eternalThe ancient tree stood as an eternal witness to the passage of time.
helplessShe was a helpless witness to the unfolding tragedy.
incompetentThe incompetent witness's testimony was disregarded by the jury.
unimpeachableThe unimpeachable witness gave an account of the events that was both accurate and detailed.
prospectiveThe prospective witness was interviewed by the police.
impressiveThe impressive witness gave a detailed account of the incident.

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