Adjectives for Witnesses

Adjectives For Witnesses

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing witnesses, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe witnesses can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, impacting its perception and interpretation. For instance, other witnesses implies additional perspectives, while many witnesses suggests a multitude of observers, potentially strengthening a claim. Describing someone as an expert witness adds a level of credibility and authority. Conversely, eye witnesses bring a sense of immediacy and personal experience. However, the term false witnesses introduces doubt and deceit, contrasting sharply with the reliability implied by several witnesses. Each adjective unveils a unique aspect of the witness's role, perspective, or reliability. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'witnesses' below.
otherThe jury heard from other witnesses who corroborated the victim's account.
manyThe trial proceeded with many witnesses taking to the stand.
expertThe jury heard from several expert witnesses in the case.
severalSeveral witnesses gave statements to the police.
eyeThe eye witnesses saw the car crash.
falseThe jury was suspicious of the defendant's claims due to the abundance of false witnesses
competentThe competent witnesses provided valuable testimony during the trial.
credibleThe lawyer called to the stand credible witnesses who testified in favor of his client.
onlyHis friends were the only witnesses to the crime.
reliableThe prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of reliable witnesses
medicalMedical witnesses will be present during the examination.
variousVarious witnesses spoke about the defendant's erratic behavior.
potentialThe police questioned the potential witnesses about the crime.
numerousNumerous witnesses saw the car speeding away from the scene of the crime.
independentThe independent witnesses corroborated each other's accounts of the incident.
silentThe silent witnesses watched as the crime unfolded.
keyThe key witnesses refused to testify.
principalThe two eyewitnesses provided contradictory testimonies, thus the jury was left with no principal witnesses
faithfulThe faithful witnesses testified to the truth of the events.
contemporaryThe contemporary witnesses of the event provided valuable insights.
muteThe mute witnesses stood in solemn silence, observing the unfolding drama with silent eyes.
additionalThe lawyer interviewed additional witnesses for the case.
chiefThe chief witnesses provided compelling testimony.
officialThe official witnesses were present during the signing of the agreement.
trustworthyThe defense presented several trustworthy witnesses who testified to the defendant's innocence.
respectableThe allegations were articulated by respectable witnesses
adverseThe lawyer was surprised by the adverse witnesses' testimony.
disinterestedThe jury convicted the plaintiff based on the testimonies of three disinterested witnesses
friendlyThe prosecution called three friendly witnesses to the stand.
necessaryThe defense called three necessary witnesses to corroborate the alibi.
prospectiveThe lawyer interviewed the prospective witnesses to gather their accounts of the accident.
maleMale witnesses were unable to identify the suspect.
textualI'm not able to generate text containing "textual witnesses".
professionalThe professional witnesses testified in court about the accident.
femaleThe female witnesses testified to the events of the crime.
impartialThe impartial witnesses provided unbiased accounts of the event.
unwillingThe unwilling witnesses refused to testify against the defendant.
interestedThe police are looking for interested witnesses to come forward.
sufficientThe suspect was arrested after several sufficient witnesses came forward.
honestThe jury was relieved to hear from honest witnesses
unfriendlyThe lawyer struggled to cross-examine the unfriendly witnesses who kept interrupting him.
reluctantThe prosecution called reluctant witnesses to corroborate their case.
unimpeachableThe unimpeachable witnesses testified to the defendant's innocence.
earliestThe earliest witnesses of phenomenon were observers in the 19th century.
heavenlyThe heavenly witnesses smiled down upon the Earth.
reputableThe testimony of reputable witnesses helped to convict the defendant.
incompetentThe jury disregarded the testimony of the incompetent witnesses
unreliableThe case was dismissed because there were many unreliable witnesses
eloquentThe eloquent witnesses recounted their harrowing experiences with great clarity.
civilianThe civilian witnesses were questioned by the police.
biblicalThe biblical witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus are Peter, John, Mary Magdalene, and the other disciples.
liveThe live witnesses testified to the events they had seen.

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