Adjectives for Wives

Adjectives For Wives

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wives, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'wives' is not just a noun; it carries the essence of relationships, experiences, and societal norms. When paired with adjectives like many, other, old, several, young, and good, it paints a vibrant tapestry of human connections. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, from the joyful beginnings of young wives embarking on shared life adventures, to the wisdom and stories encapsulated by old wives. The inclusion of terms like many and several hints at the complexity and diversity of marital experiences. Whether discussing the supportive qualities of good wives or exploring relationships through the lens of other wives, each adjective choice unveils a unique aspect of partnership. Explore our full list of adjectives below to dive deeper into the nuances that shape our understanding of wives.
manyThe king had many wives
severalThe king had several wives and many children.
youngThe young wives danced gracefully at the ball.
goodHe loved good wives and mothers, and he would have been happy to see Helen the mother of children.
moreHe later married two more wives
indianThe Indian wives were very hospitable.
pluralThe man with the traditional beliefs had three plural wives
former The former wives were unable to agree on how to divide their shared property.
classThe class wives had a surprise party for the teacher.
multipleThe king had multiple wives
secondaryThe sultan had many secondary wives
numerousThe king had numerous wives
merryThe Merry wives of Windsor is a comedy by William Shakespeare.
faithfulThe faithful wives waited patiently for their husbands to return.
additionalThe king married two additional wives after the death of his first wife.
respectiveThe men introduced their respective wives to the party guests.
royalThe royal wives were dressed in elaborate gowns.
legitimateHe had multiple legitimate wives and lived a long and prosperous life.
lawfulThe king had many lawful wives
christianChristian wives are expected to submit to their husbands.
olderThe older wives had spent most of their lives in the area.
chineseI was surprised by the number of Chinese wives in the neighborhood.
potentialThe man was looking for potential wives
virtuousVirtuous wives are a crown to their husbands.
unhappyThe unhappy wives were planning a trip to the spa.
dependentMany dependent wives were left without any means of support after the death of their husbands.
pregnantThe pregnant wives waited anxiously for their husbands to return from war.
immigrantThe immigrant wives often struggled to find jobs that matched their skills.
workingWorking wives often face challenges in balancing their work and family responsibilities.
divorcedThe divorced wives gathered for a support group meeting.
seniorHe had several senior wives to minister to his needs.
happyHappy wives make happy lives.
excellentShe has proven herself to be one of the excellent wives
strangeHe had many strange wives
chasteThe chaste wives of the village gossiped about the new scandal.
jealousSuspicious family members and jealous wives led the investigation to him.
successiveHis successive wives were all actresses.
agedThe aged wives would often gossip about the latest town events.
favouriteMy favourite wives are always right.
temporaryThe men would often take temporary wives for the duration of the journey
extraHe had extra wives to provide him with children and other services.
asianMy friend's asian wives are all beautiful.
innocentThe innocent wives looked on in horror as their husbands were led away in handcuffs.
dutifulDutiful wives always make sure that their husbands are happy and well-cared for.
prospectiveThe parents meticulously scrutinized the backgrounds of the prospective wives for their son.
runawayThe runaway wives were finally apprehended by the police.
bornTwo of the women became born wives

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