Adjectives for Won

Adjectives For Won

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing won, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'win' can add a wealth of nuance and specificity to your narrative. The difference between a 'hard won' victory and a 'newly won' title speaks volumes beyond the simple act of winning. Whether it's a battle 'well won', a trophy from the 'latter' part of an athlete's career, the 'last' game of the season, or referencing a 'former' champion, each adjective sheds unique light on the circumstances and effort behind the win. Through these subtle linguistic choices, a story becomes richer and more engaging. Dive into our full list of adjectives to find the perfect shade of meaning for your 'won' tales.
newlyHer newly won confidence made her smile wider.
wellThe team's victory was well won
latterAfter several weeks of negotiation, the two companies finally agreed, with the latter won significant concessions.
lastThey last won the trophy in 2010.
formerThe former won the race, despite being an underdog.
koreanThe Korean won has been devalued against the US dollar.
halfShe had the battle half won but the most intense fighting was yet to come.
ill"Ill won" wealth often brings no good.
spearThe spear won the battle.
dearlyTheir dearly won victory was celebrated with a grand feast.
worthThe game was worth won by the team.
hardestHer hardest won battles were fought silently within the confines of her own mind.
easyIt was too easy won to be a genuine triumph.
harderThe victory was harder won than had been anticipated.
changChang won is a city in South Korea.
nighHe stayed there for the nigh won the entire day.
chiChi won the game.
easierBattling to retain her title will be much easier won than the fight to initially earn it.
affirmativeThis resolution was voted on and the affirmative won
bloodIn the end, blood won
recentlyI recently won a scholarship to attend college.
unionThe union won the contract negotiations.
freshlyThe general was proud of his freshly won medal.
alreadyThey had already won the game.
thousandThe book costs two thousand won
fiveFive won the race.
weelWeel won but weel foughten.
strongestThe strongest won the battle.
dongDong won the game.
quickestThe quickest won the race.
kyungKyung won the first prize in the competition.
especialThe winner, who had trained especially for this competition, was an especial won
swordThe brave knight's sword won him the battle.
hundredThe price of this item is one hundred won
farthestThe farthest won game in the regular season of the NHL is the Bruins, who won 10-0 against the Rangers.
oftenerWith careful planning and preparation, we can oftener won in life's endeavors.

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