Adjectives for Wonder

Adjectives For Wonder

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wonder, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'wonder' significantly alters the essence of what is being described, adding layers of meaning and emotion. A 'small wonder' might evoke a sense of intimate, perhaps overlooked magic, while a 'great wonder' underscores the awe-inspiring nature of a phenomenon. The term 'little wonder' can convey an almost anticipatory expectation of amazement, contrasting with 'much wonder,' which amplifies the depth of curiosity or astonishment. 'Only wonder' offers a unique exclusivity to the marvel in question, whereas 'greatest wonder' elevates it to the pinnacle of awe. Each adjective nuances 'wonder' in subtly different ways, inviting the reader to explore the full spectrum of amazement. Discover the myriad ways adjectives color and shape our sense of wonder below.
smallSmall wonder that he was so successful at his job.
littleLittle wonder the students aced the test, for they had studied diligently.
greatThey discovered the cave with great wonder
muchI gazed upon the celestial tapestry with much wonder
onlyThe only wonder is that it happened at all.
greatestHer greatest wonder was the vastness of the universe.
naturalThe towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls of the national park are a natural wonder
silentI stood in silent wonder captivated by the beauty of the sunset.
eighthThis majestic waterfall was frequently described as the eighth wonder of nature
dayThe day wonder is something that we can only dream of.
lessAfter exploring the world, she felt less wonder
childlikeAva's childlike wonder was enchanting, spreading joy wherever she went.
constantI am in a constant wonder of the world's beauty.
vagueMy vague wonder drifted through the mist-shrouded trees.
sheerThe sheer wonder of the moment left her speechless.
childishHer childish wonder at the blooming flower brought a smile to her mother's face.
muteThe great statue gazed out with mute wonder
strangeI couldn't help but feel a strange wonder as I gazed upon the mesmerizing canvas.
mouthedHe mouthed wonder at the sight of the majestic mountain.
architecturalThe Eiffel Tower is an architectural wonder that is iconic in France.
innocentHer innocent wonder made the world a brighter place.
perfectShe gazed in perfect wonder at the starry sky.
speechlessI stood in speechless wonder as the cathedral soared above me, its intricate spires reaching towards the heavens.
freshI gaze at the world with fresh wonder in my eyes.
sudden"Her sudden wonder that the sky was blue was interrupted by his question."
longerI have no longer wonder of her.
perpetualShe gazed at the cosmos with a perpetual wonder in her eyes.
mingledHer mingled wonder and delight were evident in her wide-eyed gaze.
excitingThe journey promised exciting wonders, making my heart race with anticipation.
breathless"He stood there in breathless wonder his eyes wide with awe and surprise."
dullThe dull wonder of the streetlamps flickered into life as dusk crept in.
technologicalThe technological wonder of the smartphone has revolutionized the way we communicate.
puzzledAn expression of puzzled wonder washed over her face.
delightedHer face had an expression of delighted wonder
dumbI stood in dumb wonder at the sheer size of the dinosaur skeleton.
incredulousHer incredulous wonder at the sight of the rare bird was evident in her wide-eyed stare.
quietShe observed the scene with quiet wonder
genuineHer genuine wonder shone through her wide-eyed gaze.
hitThe one-hit wonder band had a brief moment of fame.
infiniteThe universe holds infinite wonder and mysteries that continue to captivate the human mind.
excitedHer eyes sparkled with excited wonder as she gazed upon the enchanting landscape.
blankThe new parents stared at their newborn with blank wonder
naiveThe children's naive wonder shone through their wide-eyed gazes.
scenicThe scenic wonder of the Grand Canyon is a breathtaking sight to behold.
profoundI gazed at the starry expanse in profound wonder humbled by the unfathomable mysteries it held.
reverentHer eyes were filled with reverent wonder as she gazed upon the ancient relic.
awedThe child looked with awed wonder at the glittering display.
endlessThe endless wonder of the universe fills me with awe and inspiration.
mightyI gazed in awe at the mighty wonder of the Grand Canyon.
gratefulI gazed upon the night sky with a sense of grateful wonder its canopy of stars illuminating my soul.
awesomeI was filled with an awesome wonder as I gazed upon the vast expanse of the universe.
continualThe continual wonder of nature inspires awe in the hearts of all beholders.
latestThe latest wonder of the world is truly a sight to behold.
sadWith sad wonder she looked at the ruins of her former home.
eternalMy soul yearns for the eternal wonder that lies beyond this veil of time.
seventhThe Great Wall of China is often referred to as the seventh wonder
solemnThe assembly listened in solemn wonder to the ancient tale of bravery and sacrifice.
amusedShe gazed at the scene with amused wonder
leastContaining the least wonder the dull book gathered dust on the shelf.

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