Adjectives for Word

Adjectives For Word

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing word, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'word' can significantly alter the meaning and impact of a sentence. Whether it's the 'last word' in a heated debate, a 'single word' that can change everything, the 'first word' of a newborn, or the 'same word' repeated for emphasis, each combination unlocks a unique shade of meaning. Even delving into origins with a 'greek word' or signaling an end with the 'final word', the power of adjectives in shaping our perception of 'word' cannot be underestimated. Discover the full spectrum of meanings and nuances these adjectives unveil in the comprehensive list below.
lastThe last word will always be mine.
singleI am a single word
firstI came across your first word the other day.
sameShe used the same word as me.
greekUsing a Greek word my mom used to sing a lullaby to me.
keyThe key word in the sentence is 'love'.
rightUsing the right word can make all the difference.
englishThe english word is a word from the english language.
latinHe is getting ready to teach the class about a very difficult latin word
betterCan I get a better word than good?
frenchThe french word for cat is chat.
divineThe divine word resonated deeply within his soul.
germanThe german word for "house" is "Haus".
correctThe correct word is 'definitely,' not 'defiantly'.
holyThe holy word spread throughout the land, bringing hope and comfort to the people.
spanishThe spanish word for 'cat' is 'gato'.
magicThe 'open sesame' is a magic word in the story of 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves'.
arabic"Arabic word" is a very interesting concept.
dirtyI'm sorry, but I can't write a sentence with the dirty word you requested.
indianThe Indian word for "sun" is "surya"
badThat was a bad word
appropriateThe appropriate word was used in the context.
latterThe latter word in the passage is spelled correctly.
sanskritThe Sanskrit word 'dharma' encompasses a wide range of meanings, including virtue, duty, righteousness, and justice.
harshShe used several harsh words when I made a mistake.
bitI need to check a bit word for too many words.
letterHandwriting analysis can reveal a person's personality based on the size, slant and direction of their letter words.
operativeThe operative word in that sentence is 'however'.
sacredThe sacred word is whispered only to the initiated.
mereThis is a mere word
propheticIn the depths of ancient texts, a prophetic word reverberated through the ages.
eternalThis book contains the eternal word of God.
russianMy Russian word of the day is "спасибо"
briefThe teacher gave a brief word of advice to the students.
favoriteThe favorite word of my friend is gibberish.
unkindHe used an unkind word to describe her appearance.
strangeI encountered a strange word while reading the book.
italianI love the italian word 'ciao'!
exactThe exact word is 'precisely'.
uglyThis is an ugly word
idleJohn used many idle words during his speech.
difficultThe difficult word perplexed the students.
spokenThe spoken word has a raw power that can both move and inspire.
correspondingThe corresponding word to 'beautiful' in French is 'beau'.
friendlyHer friendly word always cheers me up.
unknownThe unknown word is a mystery.
occasionalThe occasional word is not enough to understand the context.
incarnateThe incarnate word became flesh and dwelt among us.
unfamiliarI stumbled upon an unfamiliar word while reading the book.
persianThe persian word for cat is gorbeh.

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