Adjectives for Worker

Adjectives For Worker

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing worker, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a worker can significantly impact the perception of their role, skills, and contribution. Whether discussing a social worker who dedicates their time to improving community welfare, a hard worker known for their relentless effort and perseverance, an average worker representing the core of the workforce, an individual worker focusing on personal achievements, a skilled worker who brings specialized expertise to the table, or an industrial worker contributing to the manufacturing backbone, each term invites a different image and set of expectations. Dive into the full array of adjectives that uncover the diverse landscape of the workforce.
socialThe social worker helped the family adjust to their new home.
hardThe hard worker put in countless hours to achieve their goals.
averageThe average worker can support the purchase of 8,000 fewer items than in 1980, according to a report by the Institute for Policy Studies, a nonpartisan progressive think tank.
individualThe union worked to get the individual worker a higher wage.
skilledThe company is seeking skilled workers to fill the positions.
industrialThe industrial worker toiled tirelessly at the factory.
youngThe young worker diligently completed his tasks.
americanThe American worker has long been the backbone of the country's economy.
professionalThe professional worker is typing business documents while sitting at their desk.
activeThe active worker efficiently completed the project ahead of schedule.
unskilledThe company was looking for unskilled workers to fill the entry-level positions.
agriculturalPedro is an agricultural worker in the countryside.
collarThe deskbound collar worker stares at the computer all day, sending emails and attending meetings.
maleThe male worker was diligently operating the machinery.
timeThe time worker diligently tracked the hours spent on each project.
psychiatricShe has worked as a psychiatric worker for over 10 years.
fellowMy fellow worker is a diligent and hardworking individual.
domesticThe domestic worker was paid a very low wage.
femaleThe female worker was praised for her dedication and hard work.
migrantThe migrant worker toiled in the fields from dawn to dusk.
manualThe manual worker toiled tirelessly in the hot sun.
olderThe older worker was a great asset to the team.
injuredThe injured worker was taken to the hospital.
medicalThe medical worker was very professional and helpful.
formerThe former worker was fired for misconduct.
unemployedThe unemployed worker was struggling to make ends meet.
indefatigableShe was an indefatigable worker who never seemed to tire.
ordinaryThe ordinary worker continued to toil away in obscurity.
typicalThe typical worker in the United States is a 45-year-old male with a college degree.
tirelessJohn was known for being a tireless worker
experiencedThe experienced worker was able to quickly fix the machine.
trainedThe experience accrued as a trained worker was invaluable.
clericalThe clerical worker typed up the report quickly and efficiently.
retiredThe retired worker spent his days playing golf and volunteering at the local soup kitchen.
mentalThe mental worker's job is to manipulate information and ideas.
clinicalThe clinical worker was very helpful in assisting me with my recovery.
urbanThe urban worker commuted to the city every day.
scientificThe scientific worker was passionate about their research.
keyThe key worker arrived at the house promptly.
postalThe postal worker delivered a package to my house.
earnestThe earnest worker was never late to work.
ruralThe rural worker migrated to the city in search of better opportunities.
efficientThe efficient worker completed the project ahead of schedule.
metalThe metal worker skillfully shaped the iron into an intricate design.
temporaryThe company hired a temporary worker to cover for an employee on maternity leave.
conscientiousOur company needs more conscientious worker
russianThe Russian worker was known for his hard work and dedication.
disabledI spoke to a disabled worker yesterday who had a lot of interesting things to share about the difficulties of working with a disability.
steadyI am a steady worker and will always complete my tasks on time.
productiveThe team praised him as a productive worker
willingHe is a willing worker who always goes the extra mile.
faithfulThe faithful worker diligently completed his tasks with unwavering commitment.
seniorThe senior worker diligently completed his tasks with precision and efficiency.
mexicanThe Mexican worker arrived at the construction site early in the morning.
competentThe competent worker completed the project efficiently and effectively.
lineThe line worker was hard at work fixing the power lines.
fastShe's a fast worker she can finish her work in no time.
honestThe honest worker earned a living wage.
slowThe slow worker is not putting in enough effort.
diligentThe diligent worker was rewarded for his hard work and dedication.
prominentThe prominent worker was recognized for his dedication and hard work.

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