Adjectives for Workers

Adjectives For Workers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing workers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe workers can significantly impact the perception of their roles, expertise, and environments. For instance, social workers are often at the forefront of community support, emphasizing a compassionate and supportive nature. Meanwhile, skilled workers highlights the specialized training and proficiency, underscoring the importance of expertise. The term industrial workers evokes images of robust, large-scale manufacturing processes, while agricultural workers brings thoughts of those tirelessly nurturing the land. Adjectives like many and collar (whether blue or white) further classify workers based on quantity and industry sector, respectively. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative thread, offering a glimpse into the diverse world of work. Discover the wide array of adjectives associated with workers below, each with its own story to tell.
socialSocial workers often work with individuals and families to help them overcome challenges and improve their well-being.
skilledSkilled workers are in high demand in today's job market.
manyMany workers were involved in the construction of the bridge.
industrialThousands of industrial workers demonstrated in the streets, demanding better working conditions
collarThe collar workers organized a union to advocate for their rights.
agriculturalAgricultural workers often face challenging and hazardous working conditions.
unskilledThe company was looking to hire unskilled workers for the factory.
migrantMigrant workers play a vital role in the agricultural industry.
olderOlder workers possess a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge.
whiteWhite workers were the first to benefit from the new economic opportunities.
femaleFemale workers in the factory were demanding equal pay.
manualThe manual workers toiled tirelessly to complete the project on time.
mostMost workers have experienced a pay cut.
americanAmerican workers are the backbone of the economy.
youngYoung workers are the future of the company.
maleThe male workers were responsible for the heavy lifting.
timeThe time workers were very efficient.
professionalThe professional workers at the company are highly skilled and experienced.
fellowMy fellow workers helped me to get the job done.
clericalClerical workers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including data entry, filing, and answering phones.
domesticThe domestic workers were protesting for better pay.
unemployedThe unemployment rate has risen to its highest level in years, leaving many unemployed workers struggling to find jobs.
individualMany individual workers are currently unemployed because of the recent economic turndown.
urbanThe urban workers are struggling to make ends meet.
ruralRural workers in many countries lack access to basic services and infrastructure.
temporaryThe company hired a few temporary workers to help with the upcoming project.
youngerYounger workers are often more adaptable to new technologies.
mexicanMexican workers can be found in many different industries.
germanGerman workers are known for their efficiency and work ethic.
trainedWe need trained workers to fill these positions.
chineseChinese workers have been in high demand in recent years.
seasonalThe seasonal workers arrived in the spring to help with the planting.
strikingThe striking workers rallied for better wages and working conditions.
paidThe company hired several paid workers to complete the project.
displacedThousands of displaced workers received food and water at the shelter.
nativeHe trusted the native workers
fewerWith fewer workers we can't keep up with demand.
experiencedThe project team was composed of experienced workers
salariedThere were many salaried workers at the company.
casualThe company hired several casual workers for the busy holiday season.
permanentThe permanent workers are entitled to certain benefits that the temporary workers are not.
polishThe Polish workers were hired for their skills and experience.
unionizedThe unionized workers were able to negotiate a better contract with their employer.
productiveMany companies help productive workers turn their goals into reality by providing the right resources.
blueHow are the blue workers?
voluntaryVoluntary workers provide assistance to those in need without expecting compensation.
careCare workers are essential to the well-being of our communities.
employedThe company has millions of employed workers
unpaidThe company relied heavily on unpaid workers
disabledDisabled workers are an important part of the labor force.
postalThe postal workers delivered the mail on time.
italianMany Italian workers from all walks of life have participated in the project.
landlessThe landless workers protested for their rights.
psychiatricPsychiatric workers spent hours on paperwork.

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