Adjectives for Works

Adjectives For Works

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing works, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'works' can significantly alter a sentence's meaning, adding depth and clarity to the message. Whether referring to 'other works' in a collection, emphasizing the 'public works' that shape our cities, praising the 'good works' of a philanthropist, quantifying with 'many works' of art, analyzing 'literary works' in academia, or simply stating 'several works' in progress, each combination opens a unique narrative window. These adjectives serve as keys to unlocking the nuanced stories behind the creations, efforts, or entities they describe, inviting readers into a richer conversation about their significance and impact. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'works' to life in the list below.
otherHe is also known for his other works in the field of literature.
publicThe public works department is responsible for maintaining the city's infrastructure.
goodVolunteering is one of the most rewarding good works that you can do.
manyThere are many works to be done.
literaryI was amazed by the depth and complexity of the literary works
severalShe has created several works of art this month.
importantThe company has made important works in the field of AI.
majorCritics agree that his major works are his best.
completeI have the complete works of Shakespeare on my bookshelf.
laterI prefer her later works
earlyThe early works of this philosopher contain many innovative ideas.
earlierIn earlier works he had investigated the use of negative reinforcement.
recentI have been reading your recent works with great interest.
bestThe artist's best works are thought to be his landscapes.
historicalThese historical works provide a window into the past, offering insights into the lives and experiences of our ancestors.
numerousNumerous works by the artist have been acquired by museums around the world.
originalThe copyright protects the original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression.
principalThe principal works of the author include 'The Great Gatsby' and 'Tender is the Night'.
standardI often refer to standard works when I need guidance.
philosophicalI found some philosophical works in the library yesterday.
previousFor this reason, any claims about the relative efficacy of different therapies must be taken as provisional, pending further research to confirm or deny findings from previous works
dramaticThe playwright has written several dramatic works that have been performed on Broadway.
scientificThe scientific works of Newton laid the groundwork for classical mechanics.
popularThe popular works of Jane Austen are still enjoyed by many readers today.
greatestHis greatest works were created during his time in Paris.
wonderfulI'm so grateful for all of the wonderful works of art that have been created throughout history.
valuableThe library has a collection of valuable works that can be used for research.
poeticalThe author is famous for his poetical works
earliestThe earliest works of many great artists were not very good.
mightyGod's mighty works are a testament to His power and glory.
classicalHe studied the musical instrument, the piano, and became adept at playing classical works
scholarlyHe has published many scholarly works on the subject.
theologicalHe self-published theological works under a pseudonym.
musicalThe composer has produced many famous musical works
minorShe happily shared her minor works with her colleagues.
finestThese are considered to be among his finest works
famousPicasso's famous works include Guernica, The Old Guitarist, and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.
contemporaryThe gallery exhibited contemporary works by up-and-coming artists from around the world.
creativeThe museum houses many creative works that showcase innovation and imagination.
knownHis known works include biographies of Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein.
extensiveHe has done extensive works in the field of literature.
orchestralThe composer's orchestral works are characterized by their use of lush harmonies and complex rhythms.
longerI prefer longer works like full-length books, over short stories.
irrigationThe irrigation works were extensive and well-maintained.
excellentHer excellent works were recognized by her boss.
classicThis series of books contains many classic works of literature.
defensiveThe defensive works were built to protect the city from attack.
usefulResearchers can use these new materials for useful works
printedI have a stack of printed works on my desk that I need to go through.
theoreticalHis first theoretical works were on the algebra of logic and geometry.
choralThe choir performed several beautiful choral works during the concert.
artisticHave you heard about the newest artistic works by the up-and-coming artist?
collectedThe collected works of the famous author were finally published.
unpublishedThe author's unpublished works were discovered after his death.
extantThe extant works of the philosopher Zeno of Elea contain only a few fragments.
poeticI have been reading through his poetic works recently.

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