Adjectives for World

Adjectives For World

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing world, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the world can significantly change the perception of any narrative, painting vivid and diverse scenarios. The whole world suggests an undivided, complete image; the real world, on the other hand, introduces harsh or genuine reality. Describing something as the outside world contrasts with an enclosed or internal space, emphasizing openness or exposure. The terms new, modern, and western world each evoke specific cultural, temporal, or geographical nuances, coloring your text with historical undertones, technological advancements, or geopolitical perspectives. To discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can enrich your descriptions of the world, continue reading below.
wholeThe whole world is watching this historic event unfold.
realTo get to the real world you need to stay true to yourself.
outsideThe outside world was a mystery to her.
newI'm headed to the new world
modernThe modern world is full of technology and innovation.
westernThe western world has been heavily influenced by Greek philosophy.
naturalThe natural world is a vast and wondrous place.
externalThe external world impinges upon us constantly.
physicalThe physical world and the virtual world are two very different things.
entireThe entire world is watching with bated breath.
ancientIn the ancient world people used to believe that the Earth was flat.
outerI was completely unaware of the outer world and the dangers that lurked within it.
arabThe Arab world is a culturally and linguistically diverse region spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea.
spiritualThe spiritual world is a realm of pure consciousness and energy.
christianThe Christian world is vast and diverse, with many different traditions and beliefs.
postThe post world will be a very different place.
freeIn the free world we have the right to express our opinions without fear of censorship.
wideThe wide world is full of adventure and wonder.
betterTogether, we can build a better world for ourselves and future generations.
innerHer inner world was a place of turmoil and wonder.
romanMany notable figures of the Roman world were born outside of Italy.
contemporaryThe contemporary world is characterized by rapid technological advancements.
thirdThe living conditions in the third world are not good.
muslimThe Muslim world is a diverse and complex place, with a rich history and culture.
actualThe actual world is full of surprises.
islamicThe islamic world is a diverse and complex region with a rich history and culture.
literaryThe literary world is a vast and ever-evolving landscape.
objectiveThe objective world is the realm of physical objects and events that are independent of our minds.
speakingVisiting such a big city for the first time was a daunting task, to say the least, because I was new to the speaking world
phenomenalThe phenomenal world is a realm of constant flux and uncertainty.
visibleThe visible world is a vast and mysterious place.
greekThe Greek world is a fascinating place, full of history and culture.
idealIn an ideal world everything would be perfect.
widerI am eager to explore the wider world and experience new cultures.
industrialThe industrial world is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
largerThe larger world is a place of opportunity and adventure.
everydayHe took a break from the everyday world and went camping in the woods.
academicI am interested in the academic world
scientificThe latest discovery in the scientific world has revolutionized the field of genetics.
strangeI found myself in a strange world where everything was upside down.
communistThe communist world was a vast and complex entity, spanning a wide range of countries and political systems.
commercialThe commercial world is a competitive environment.
capitalistThe capitalist world is a system of economic organization in which the means of production are privately owned.
complexThe complex world we live in is full of challenges and opportunities.
invisibleThe invisible world whispered secrets to those who dared to listen.
theI love exploring the world
intellectualShe was a rising star in the intellectual world
mediterraneanThe Mediterranean world was once home to a multitude of diverse cultures.
industrializedThe industrialized world has seen a rapid increase in technology in the last century.
civilisedIn the civilised world such behaviour is unacceptable.
corporateThe corporate world is a fast-paced and demanding environment.
postwarIn the postwar world many nations struggled to rebuild their economies.
secularThe secular world often dismisses the spiritual realm.
preShe was born in the pre world days.
hostileIn this hostile world it's hard to find true friends.
unseenI'm curious about the unseen world that lies beyond our sight.
empiricalThe empirical world is the world of our experience, the world we can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste.
sensibleThe sensible world exists independent of our minds.
braveIn this brave world where possibilities are endless, we must embrace the unknown with courage and determination.
classicalThe classical world left us with a legacy of ideas and ideals that still shape our culture today.
virtualI spent hours exploring the virtual world marveling at its intricate details.
netherHe disappeared into the nether world leaving no trace behind.
fictionalThe novel transported readers to a fictional world where dragons and magic existed.
organicThe organic world is a complex and interconnected web of life.
paganChristianity quickly spread throughout the pagan world
competitiveIn today's competitive world it's important to have a strong skill set that sets you apart.
fashionableParis leads the fashionable world every year with its extravagant spring/summer and fall/winter fashion shows.

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