Adjectives for Worry

Adjectives For Worry

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing worry, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'worry' can subtly change the shade of meaning, revealing depth and emotion in your sentence. 'Constant worry' speaks to an unyielding sense of anxiety, ever-present and unfading. 'Much worry' quantifies concern, suggesting a significant amount, while 'only worry' implies the exclusivity of that concern, highlighting its singularity amidst other emotions. 'Great worry' amplifies the magnitude of concern, often to an overwhelming degree. 'Main worry' identifies the primary source of anxiety, bringing focus and clarity to the concern. Lastly, 'biggest worry' ranks the concern at the top, suggesting it eclipses all others in importance. Each adjective opens a window into the nuance of concern, setting the tone for the narrative. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'worry' to fine-tune your expression of concern and enhance your writing.
constantHis constant worry was that his mother would get sick again.
muchDespite much worry the outcome turned out to be favorable.
onlyI only worry about the things I can control.
greatShe went to the doctor with great worry in her heart.
mainMy main worry is about my finances.
biggestMy biggest worry is that I won't be able to find a job after I graduate.
moreHe had more worry on that issue.
greatestMy greatest worry is that I won't be able to provide for my family.
realThe real worry was that the project would fail.
excessiveExcessive worry can lead to anxiety and depression.
littleI have little worry about the future.
majorHer most major worry was whether she had enough time to get the essay done.
financialFinancial worry is a common source of stress for many people.
mentalHer mental worry about the upcoming exam was evident in her anxious demeanor.
lessWith less worry you can focus on enjoying the present moment.
bigI have a big worry about my financial situation.
chiefHis chief worry he explained, was his daughter.
considerableThe news report filled him with considerable worry
unnecessaryUnnecessary worry is like a rocking chair - it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.
seriousThe serious worry was eating him from the inside.
naggingThe nagging worry gnawed at her mind, making it difficult for her to focus.
needlessI've always been prone to needless worry
furtherThe further worry about the consequences of my actions kept me awake at night.
particularHer lips curved into a smile, banishing his particular worry
additionalI have to work overtime tonight, which is giving me additional worry
immediateThe bill was a matter of immediate worry
continualHer continual worry was evident in her furrowed brow and trembling hands.
undueSarah suffered from undue worry about her health.
greaterThe constant criticism began to weigh on her, filling her with greater worry
persistentHis persistent worry about his health was beginning to affect his work.
deepHer deep worry was evident in her furrowed brow.
endlessMy endless worry kept me up all night, tossing and turning on my bed.
perpetualHer perpetual worry was a heavy weight upon her mind, weighing her down with anxiety.
principalThe principal worry of the town's residents was the safety of their children.
longerI work longer worry about the future.
intenseHer intense worry gnawed at her mind, robbing her of sleep and peace.
domesticThe domestic worry kept him preoccupied all day.
leastThe least worry he had was about money.
extraThis extra worry was nothing but a figment of his imagination.
extremeSarah's extreme worry always kept her on edge.
genuineHe could hear the genuine worry in his mother's voice.
pathologicalHis pathological worry about his health led him to seek medical help.
terribleI was filled with terrible worry as I waited for the news.
incessantHer incessant worry made her unable to focus on the task at hand.
secretLinda kept her secret worry hidden in her heart.
worthI know it's not worth worry but I can't help but feel anxious about it.
parentalParental worry was apparent in her nervous glances toward her son.
slightestI don't have the slightest worry about this.
uselessI spent hours in useless worry only to find out later that everything was fine.
legitimateThe rising cost of living is a legitimate worry for many families.
nervousThe nervous worry about the future gnawed at her mind.
obsessiveHer obsessive worry about her health was starting to take over her life.
dailyEven amid daily worry he managed to find some joy in life.
obviousHis obvious worry was etched upon his furrowed brow.
minorHer minor worry about the upcoming test faded away as she prepared for it.
enoughThere is enough worry to go around.
biggerI have a bigger worry than that.
anxiousThe anxious worry gnawed at his mind.
deeperThe surgery requires a deeper worry to the patient.
vagueThe management team's vague worry about future sales decline is unfounded.
slightHe had a slight worry about the future.
unrealisticHer unrealistic worry kept her up at night.
continuousHis continuous worry kept him awake all night.
gonnaI'm not gonna worry too much about it.
worstHer worst worry is that he will never love her.
ceaselessHis ceaseless worry had taken a toll on his health.

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