Adjectives for Worship

Adjectives For Worship

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing worship, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring adjectives related to the noun 'worship' opens a fascinating view into how different communities and individuals perceive and practice devotion. Terms like 'public' and 'religious' highlight the communal and spiritual aspects of worship, while 'divine' emphasizes its transcendent, heavenly nature. 'Christian' worship points to traditions and rituals specific to Christianity, and 'true' worship suggests an authenticity sought in spiritual practice. The use of 'idol' reflects the historical and contemporary practices of venerating objects or figures. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, shedding light on the diverse ways worship is experienced and expressed across cultures and faiths. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'worship' and their unique nuances below.
publicThe church's public worship service was inspirational.
religiousReligious worship is practiced in many cultures and religions.
divineThe intention of the Church in offering Divine worship to God is that all her children may, through Christ, the Mediator, have access to the Father and so be saved.
christianThe church gathered for Christian worship on Sunday morning.
trueTrue worship arises from a heart filled with reverence and gratitude.
ancestorMany Chinese families practice ancestor worship which is based on the belief that deceased family members live on in spirit form.
idolatrousThe idolatrous worship of the golden calf was condemned by the prophet Moses.
paganThe ancient oak tree had been a site of pagan worship for centuries.
sunThe ancient Egyptians practiced sun worship
dailyDaily worship leads one to spiritual fulfillment.
commonSinging songs and praying the Lord's Prayer are examples of common worship
spiritualMusic can be a powerful medium for spiritual worship
ancientThe ancient worship of the sun and moon was common in many cultures.
catholicI prefer Catholic worship to all others.
ancestral"Ancestral worship" refers to the practice of venerating deceased family members and ancestors.
protestantThe church offers protestant worship on Sundays.
externalExternal worship is the worship of God through outward acts, such as prayer, singing, and communion.
purePure worship is the practice of devotional acts without seeking personal benefit.
corporateThe church gathered for corporate worship on Sunday morning.
privatePeople of faith often engage in private worship to connect with their spiritual beliefs.
regularThe members of the church attended regular worship services.
emperorThe Han dynasty was characterized by its emperor worship
congregationalThe church service included congregational worship and a sermon.
liturgicalThe liturgical worship included hymns, prayers, and readings from scripture.
formalThe congregation engages in formal worship on Sundays.
sacrificialThe sacrificial worship of animals was a common practice in ancient religions.
primitiveThe primitive worship of obscure titans began in the ancient world.
popularThe popular worship of the goddess attracted followers from far and wide.
communalThe church has resumed communal worship services.
domesticDomestic worship was a fundamental part of ancient Greek religion.
animalAnimal worship is a form of religious devotion directed towards animals.
imageOur church is against the practice of image worship
ceremonialThe temple is a place for ceremonial worship
heroHe was a man of great talent and accomplishment, but he also had a lot of hero worship
hinduHindu worship is a diverse set of practices that are based on the teachings of the Hindu religion.
blindBlind worship can lead to disappointment and disillusionment.
fireThe ancient Persians practiced fire worship believing it to be a symbol of purity and light.
holyThe holy worship of God is a sacrament.
collectiveThe school holds weekly collective worship services.
solemnThe monks gathered in solemn worship their voices echoing through the ancient halls.
familyThe church highly values family worship
serpentThe ancient Egyptians practiced serpent worship
silentWe sat in silent worship our hearts filled with awe and gratitude.
exclusiveThe God of Israel demanded exclusive worship
romanThe novel explores the extravagant roman worship of Bacchus.
publickThe church was packed to capacity with people attending publick worship
baalThe cult of baal worship has been around for centuries.
outwardThe outward worship of God is an expression of our inner devotion.
anglicanThe congregation engaged in Anglican worship with hymns, prayers, and a sermon.
acceptableJesus acknowledges only acceptable worship
treeThe ancient Celts practiced tree worship believing that trees possessed spirits.
superstitiousWith superstitious worship many people pray incessantly to their varied gods.
saintVisiting the monastery, she was delighted by the beautiful examples of saint worship provided by the monks.
reformedThe church has undergone reformed worship in recent years.
universalThe universal worship of God unites all believers.
buddhistBuddhist worship includes prayer, meditation, and offerings.
goddessThe ancient Greeks practiced goddess worship
greekThe Greek worship of Olympian gods was similar to that of other Mediterranean peoples.
devilThe investigation into the devil worship rituals was inconclusive.
ritualistic"The cult engaged in strange ritualistic worship at hidden ceremonies."
secretShe kept her secret worship a closely guarded secret.
eucharisticThe church encourages eucharistic worship as a way to connect with God.
relicThe relic worship was a form of idolatry that was popular in the Middle Ages.
genuineAmidst the ornate sanctuary, their genuine worship soared heavenward, resonating with an authenticity that transcended mere ritual.

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