Adjectives for Worth

Adjectives For Worth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing worth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe worth can subtly shift its meaning, imbuing your sentence with nuanced connotations. Whether discussing net worth, highlighting one's moral worth, or acknowledging own worth, each adjective brings a distinct flavor. Discussing present worth might focus on current value, while intrinsic worth delves into inherent qualities. Personal worth often reflects individual significance. The adjectives we select not only quantify worth but qualify its essence in diverse contexts. For a fuller appreciation of how adjectives can illuminate different dimensions of worth, explore our complete list below.
netThe tycoon has a net worth of $10 billion.
moralHis actions show his moral worth
ownKnowing your own worth is key to living a fulfilling life.
presentThe present worth of the investment is $10,000.
intrinsicYour intrinsic worth is not determined by what you do or have, but by who you are.
personalHer personal worth was not tied to her appearance.
trueTrue worth is not measured by wealth or possessions but by the impact one has on the lives of others.
realHer kindness and compassion were her real worth not her wealth.
littleThe old book was of little worth
comparableThe company has implemented a comparable worth program to ensure equal pay for equal work.
humanEmphasizing human worth is paramount in fostering an inclusive society.
relativeRelative worth is a social construct that is often based on subjective factors.
equalEveryone is born with equal worth
muchThere was much worth seeing at the museum.
inherentEveryone has inherent worth regardless of circumstances.
greaterThis painting is of greater worth than any other in the gallery.
totalThe total worth of the company is estimated to be around $100 million.
infiniteEvery human being has an infinite worth
actualHer actual worth has been questioned by experts.
solidThe car had solid worth
genuineHis genuine worthiness was evident in his dedication and hard work.
futureThe company's future worth is estimated to be over 100 million dollars.
artisticThe painting was sold for a high price due to its artistic worth
inestimableThe painting was of inestimable worth
innerIt's not your outer appearance that matters, but your inner worth
absoluteHer absolute worth as a teacher is in her patience and kindness.
highestThis diamond necklace is of the highest worth in the collection.
ultimateMy ultimate worth is my own personal journey.
spiritualThe spiritual worth of people should never be underestimated.
practicalTheir scientific research has practical worth in today's world.
superiorThe candidate demonstrated superior worth over the other applicants.
supremeOnly through great labour can one achieve supreme worth
intellectualThe book is of great intellectual worth
scarceThe information was scarce worth the cost of paper it was written on.
negativeThe company's negative worth was a major concern for investors.
pricelessCherished memories hold priceless worth that cannot be measured in mere currency.
comparativeThe concept of comparative worth acknowledges that certain jobs that are typically held by women are undervalued compared to those held by men, even if they require similar skills and responsibilities.
monetaryThe stock market's monetary worth fluctuates wildly.
essentialMy essential worth is not defined by my job title or my salary.
permanentThe antique vase is of permanent worth to the collector.
harmondsI live near Harmonds worth
aestheticThe painting had great aesthetic worth and captivated everyone who saw it.
medianThe median worth of homes in the neighborhood is $450,000.
modestThe modest worth of the painting did not reflect its true value.
substantialThe donation was of substantial worth to the entire community.
idealThe ideal worth of the painting is estimated to be around $1 million.
innateWe all have an innate worth that should be respected.
objectiveThe objective worth of the painting is $10,000.
eternal"Our love will be of eternal worth."
uniqueThe relic has unique worth among collectors.
dubiousThe dubious worth of the latest product was immediately apparent.
poeticWithin the ebb and flow of existence, her eyes held a poetic worth that transcended time and space.
equivalentThe two plans have equivalent worth
musicalThis song has impressive musical worth

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