Adjectives for Wound

Adjectives For Wound

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wound, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a wound can dramatically change the perception of its severity and impact. An open wound exposes vulnerability, calling for immediate attention, while a mortal wound carries a fatalistic and grave tone. A deep wound, both literally and figuratively, suggests a significant injury that may leave lasting scars. Meanwhile, a severe wound denotes a critical level of harm, requiring urgent care. Conversely, describing a wound as old implies a historical injury with possibly lingering effects, whereas a slight wound suggests minimal damage. To explore the wide range of emotions and scenarios each adjective unveils, browse the full list below.
openThe open wound on his arm was still bleeding.
mortalThe knight's mortal wound left him unable to fight.
deepThe deep wound on his leg was still bleeding.
severeThe victim suffered a severe wound to the leg.
oldThe old wound still ached from time to time.
slightThe slight wound on his arm quickly healed.
abdominalThe patient had an abdominal wound that was healing well.
fatalHer fatal wound from the bear attack proved to be too much to overcome.
smallHe examined the small wound carefully, his brow furrowed in concern.
surgicalThe doctor carefully examined the surgical wound for any signs of infection.
externalThe external wound had healed well.
seriousThe wounded man had a serious wound that required immediate medical attention.
shuntThe shunt wound DC motor is a type of electric motor that uses a shunt field winding connected in parallel with the armature winding.
penetratingThe victim suffered a penetrating wound to the chest.
deadlyThe assassin struck him with a deadly wound to the heart.
infectedThe infected wound had started to discharge pus.
wireThe guitar player used a wire wound string on his guitar.
compoundThe compound wound had been treated and there was no more risk of sepsis.
painfulThe soldier nursed his painful wound as he lay in the hospital bed.
cleanThe surgery was successful, and the incision is a clean wound
freshShe was surprised by his lack of emotion as he bandaged her fresh wound
badThe bad wound on his leg required immediate medical attention.
terribleHe had a terrible wound on his leg.
dangerousThe hunter bandaged the hiker's dangerous wound
uglyHer ugly wound disfigured her appearance beyond recognition.
spiralThe spiral wound around the axis produced a beautiful shape.
superficialI cleaned the superficial wound with an antiseptic solution.
originalI still carry around the original wound unopened, untended, bleeding beneath my skin.
perinealThe patient had a perineal wound that was healing well.
festeringThe festering wound on his leg would not heal.
grievousThe grievous wound sustained in the accident left him permanently disabled.
cornealThe corneal wound was sutured with 10-0 nylon.
minorThe minor wound on his arm healed quickly.
healedThe healed wound remained hidden under the bandages.
rawThe raw wound on his arm was still oozing blood.
nastyHer nasty wound needed a few stitches.
filamentThe filament wound composite material is used for many aerospace applications
shotThe victim was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest.
operativeThe operative wound was closed with staples.
laceratedThe victim suffered a deep lacerated wound on his arm requiring stitches.
incisedThe incised wound on his arm required immediate medical attention.
incurableHer incurable wound was a constant reminder of her past.
redThe red wound on his arm was still bleeding profusely.
puncturedThe doctor examined the patient's punctured wound on their leg.
unhealedThe unhealed wound still throbbed with pain.
ghastlyThe ghastly wound on his leg was a gruesome sight.
bloodyThe bloody wound gaped wide, a testament to the violence that had occurred.
closedThe closed wound was healing nicely.
gunshotThe gunshot wound left a gaping hole in his chest.
accidentalShe treated the accidental wound on her arm with an antiseptic.
gapingThe gaping wound on his leg took several stitches to close.
doubleThe transformer's double wound primary coil had a voltage of 220 volts.
contusedThe doctor cleaned and bandaged the contused wound on the patient's leg.
bulletThe bullet wound was still bleeding heavily.
cruelThe cruel wound left a permanent scar on his face.
traumaticThe patient was admitted to the hospital with a traumatic wound to the head.
jaggedThe jagged wound on his arm was a testament to the fight he'd been in.
stomachThe victim was rushed to the hospital with a stomach wound
raggedThe ragged wound on his arm required urgent medical attention.
secretThe secret wound of his past haunted him even though he tried to forget it.
dreadfulThe wounded soldier had a dreadful wound that required immediate medical attention.
tinyThe tiny wound on his finger throbbed with pain.
deepestI know that the deepest wound takes the longest to heal.
uterineAfter carefully closing the uterine wound the doctor prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.
septicThe septic wound was treated with antibiotics.
greenHe covered the green wound with a bandage.
slightestThe slightest wound festered, leaving him vulnerable to infection.
chronicThe patient presented with a large, chronic wound on his lower extremity.
vaginalThe vaginal wound healed quickly with the antibiotics.
horribleThe horrible wound left a permanent scar on his face.
fleshThe wound was only a flesh wound so he was able to walk away from the accident.

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