Adjectives for Wow

Adjectives For Wow

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wow, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Embellishing the noun 'wow' with specific adjectives can significantly enhance the expression of surprise, admiration, or amazement it conveys. The adjective 'pow' emphasizes the suddenness of an impact, likening 'wow' to a punch of astonishment. 'Bow' suggests a gesture of respect or submission to the impressiveness of an event. 'Big' and 'grand' magnify the scale of admiration, while 'annual' and 'double' introduce a sense of recurrence or intensification to the 'wow' moment. Each adjective nuances the 'wow' in unique ways, inviting deeper exploration into their combined effects. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can add color and depth to your 'wows' below.
powThe pow wow was a gathering of Native American tribes to celebrate their culture and traditions.
bigThe big wow was that he got a promotion.
annualThe annual wow factor of the event never fails to impress.
doubleDouble wow That's amazing.
grandThe grand wow of the performance left the audience in awe.
indianThe chief's daughter was a beautiful Indian wow that all the brave young warriors desired.
chowThe chow wow was a lively gathering where people could catch up and share stories.
perfectHer voice was perfect wow
grimHis grim wow sounded like a grumble.
enormousThe enormous wow factor of the show left the audience in awe.
loudThe loud wow of the crowd could be heard for miles.
graver"Graver wow" has no meaning.
bowwowThe dog goes bowwow wow
errErr wow The show was amazing!
wellnessWellness wow is a great place to find healthy recipes and fitness tips.
mouthedThe man mouthed wow as he watched the acrobat's performance.
goshGosh wow I can't believe this is actually happening!
stingyThe stingy wow made me want to run away.
tremendousThis new technology has a tremendous wow factor.
sesquipedalianThe sesquipedalian wow of the erudite professor astounded the audience.
tailedThe cat was bushy tailed wow
shoSho wow that was an amazing performance!
deepmouthedThe dog's deepmouthed wow echoed through the forest.
hechHech wow I can't believe it!
silentI was so surprised, I let out a silent wow
gollyGolly wow that's the biggest fish I've ever seen!
jollyJolly wow the new movie is absolutely fantastic!
hollyHolly wow that was a close call!
14thI can't believe it's already the 14th wow
yearlyHe hadn't felt such excitement ever before, it was almost like a yearly wow
unexpectedThe new product launch was an unexpected wow
angryThe angry wow of the crowd was deafening.
wheeI felt like shouting 'whee wow!' down the street.
sickeningThe sickening wow I got when I saw the accident was overwhelming.
weeThe wee wow hooted softly in the distance.
solemnThe crowd let out a solemn wow when the President took the stage.
kooHey, did you hear that koo wow in the night?

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