Adjectives for Wrist

Adjectives For Wrist

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wrist, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'wrist' can transform your sentence, offering nuanced insights or evoking specific imagery. For instance, a 'left' or 'right' wrist carves out precision in direction, while 'broken', 'slender', or 'thin' provide physical descriptions that sketch a vivid picture in the reader's mind. The term 'limp' adds a layer of dynamic or emotional state to the narrative. Each adjective unlocks a new perspective, painting the wrist not just as a part of the body, but as a symbol carrying weight in stories and descriptions. Dive into the full list of adjectives tailored for 'wrist' to enrich your writing with precise and evocative imagery.
leftI twisted my left wrist when I fell.
rightThe doctor examined her injured right wrist
brokenThe doctor put a cast on his broken wrist
slenderShe adjusted the watch, tightening it just slight more around her slender wrist
thinHer thin wrist was adorned with a delicate silver bracelet.
limpHe raised his limp wrist weakly.
handI twisted my hand wrist while playing basketball.
strongThe boxer had a strong wrist from years of punching practice.
normalI have a normal wrist
whiteShe placed her white wrist into the doctor's capable hands.
bareShe rolled up her sleeves, showing her bare wrists.
stiffThe boxer's stiff wrist prevented him from delivering a powerful punch.
bonyThe doctor felt his bony wrist for a pulse.
delicateShe wore a delicate wrist watch.
thickWith his thick wrist he could easily hold the heavy book.
fracturedThe child was rushed to the hospital with a fractured wrist
painfulThe painful wrist made it difficult for her to write.
slimShe wore a bracelet on her slim wrist
hairyHe had a thick, hairy wrist that made him look like a gorilla.
looseThe fencer moved with a loose wrist allowing for a greater range of motion.
soreI had to take a break from typing because of my sore wrist
flexibleHe had a flexible wrist so he could play the guitar very well.
suppleThe dancer's supple wrist allowed her to move with grace and fluidity.
bentThe pianist played the melody with a bent wrist
tinyThe tiny wrist of the doll made it difficult to put on its bracelet.
dorsalA dorsal wrist ganglion is a cystic mass located on the back of the wrist.
brownThe farmer had a brown wrist from working outside all day.
dropThe patient presented with a drop wrist due to a radial nerve injury.
dislocatedThe patient presented with a dislocated wrist after a fall.
outstretchedThe young boy reached out his outstretched wrist for his mother to hold.
narrowShe has a narrow wrist
weakThe boxer had weak wrists, making it difficult for him to land a powerful punch.
straightShe held her pen with a perfectly straight wrist
affectedShe couldn't write with her affected wrist
swollenThe doctor examined the patient's swollen wrist
theI twisted the wrist on my left arm when I fell.
sphericalThe spherical wrist joint of the robot allowed it to move with great dexterity.
radialThe doctor palpated the radial wrist of the patient.
skinnyShe tried to cover her skinny wrist with a bracelet.
plumpHer plump wrist was decorated with an intricate gold bracelet.
contralateralI sprained my contralateral wrist while playing basketball.
bruisedHe carefully lifted his bruised wrist trying not to aggravate the injury.
roundHe checked his round wrist watch.
dominantThe golfer kept his dominant wrist straight as he swung the club.
relaxedThe guitarist played with a relaxed wrist
fragileI couldn't lift weights because of my fragile wrist
flatWith a flat wrist he flicked his fingers out, releasing the ball.
uninjuredThe doctor examined his uninjured wrist
distalThe distal wrist is the end of the forearm closest to the hand.
fatHe had a fat wrist which made it difficult for him to fit into his watch.
tannedThe tanned wrist held the handbag tightly.
steadyHis steady wrist guided the pen across the paper.
roundedShe extended her rounded wrist towards the audience.
bloodyHis bloody wrist bore witness to the violent struggle.
daintyHer dainty wrist was adorned with a delicate bracelet.
ulnarThe ulnar wrist is the side of the wrist that is on the side of the pinky finger.
stableThe surgeon performed the procedure with a stable wrist and steady hand.
paleHer pale wrist was exposed by the torn sleeve.
quickThe gymnast performed a quick wrist flick to keep the baton from falling.
lameHe shot a hook with a lame wrist
frailHe held his frail wrist out to me, showing the ugly scar where he had cut it two weeks ago.
compliantHe raised his compliant wrist to his mouth and took a sip of his drink.
veinedHer veined wrist had a tattoo of a rose.
bandagedThe man's bandaged wrist was a reminder of the accident.

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