Adjectives for Writings

Adjectives For Writings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing writings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with the noun 'writings' unveils the profound flexibility and depth this term can embody. Descriptors like 'other,' 'own,' 'early,' and 'later' contextualize writings in time and ownership, hinting at a journey of thought or a developmental narrative. 'Sacred' elevates the subject, imbuing it with reverence and a sense of higher purpose, while 'selected' underscores a process of careful curation and discernment. Each adjective not only modifies but also enriches, offering a nuanced lens through which to explore the texts in question. For a deeper dive into the descriptive landscape that surrounds 'writings,' peruse the full list of adjectives below.
otherHis other writings include an autobiography.
ownI often refer to my own writings for inspiration.
earlyHer early writings showcased her unique literary talents.
laterIn his later writings Nietzsche argued for a radical revaluation of all values.
sacredThe ancient sacred writings hold the wisdom of our ancestors.
selectedI've been reading the selected writings of Mark Twain for my literature class lately.
politicalHer political writings explored the complexities of power and oppression.
earlierThe results do not support earlier writings that found a moderately high level of work-family conflict.
philosophicalHer philosophical writings challenged the dominant paradigms of her time.
historicalThe historical writings of the time provide a valuable glimpse into the events that shaped the nation.
ancientThe ancient writings contained valuable insights into the history of the civilization.
criticalThe author's critical writings on post-modernism have been widely praised.
recentHis recent writings have been widely praised for their originality.
variousThe scientist studied various writings and came to conclude many possible outcomes.
religiousThese religious writings provide insights into the beliefs and practices of ancient people.
theologicalI am studying the theological writings of Saint Augustine.
earliestThe earliest writings of the Middle Ages go back only as far as the late tenth century.
christianThe Christian writings contain many passages that can be interpreted as metaphorical.
numerousShe has numerous writings on the subject.
basicThey taught basic writings on the walls of the cave.
theoreticalThe theoretical writings of the philosopher have influenced generations of thinkers.
completeI have been eagerly anticipating the complete writings of my favorite author.
autobiographicalThe autobiographical writings of Frederick Douglass are a powerful and moving account of his life as a slave.
miscellaneousThe author's miscellaneous writings were filled with insights and wit.
voluminousThe historian's voluminous writings provide a comprehensive account of the period.
originalI'm very interested in your original writings
collectedThe collected writings of the philosopher were published in a multi-volume set.
contemporaryThe contemporary writings of sociologists offer valuable insights into social change.
subsequentShe referred to many of the same ideas in her subsequent writings
scientificReferencing the scientific writings of Newton and Galileo makes for an academically sound paper.
propheticThe ancient texts held the key to our future, their prophetic writings revealing the path we must follow.
previousThe previous writings were not as well-received as the current work.
biblicalThe biblical writings of the prophets contain many prophecies about the end times.
controversialHer controversial writings sparked outrage among conservatives.
medicalThe medical writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans provide a valuable insight into the development of Western medicine.
polemicalThe author's polemical writings often stirred controversy among readers.
unpublishedHe left behind a cache of unpublished writings
popularPopular writings on the subject are not hard to come by.
classicalI have read many classical writings including the works of Plato and Aristotle.
principalThe principal writings of Locke, Hume, and Berkeley fall into the field of epistemology.
apostolicThe apostolic writings provide insight into the early Christian movement.
extantThe extant writings on the subject matter are quite informative.
holyThe holy writings are considered sacred by many people.
apocryphalThe apocryphal writings provide intriguing insights into the religious and historical context of the ancient world
canonicalThe canonical writings of the Bahá'í Faith are the writings of Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the religion.
apocalypticThe apocalyptic writings of the Old Testament have been interpreted in many different ways.
mysticalThe ancient mystical writings provided enigmatic insights into the unseen world.
respectiveThe respective writings of each author were compared by the editors.
greekAncient Greek writings offer insights into the philosophical and cultural history of the Hellenistic period.
scholarlyThe scholarly writings of the ancient Greeks greatly influenced Western thought.
extensiveHer extensive writings on the subject have been widely acclaimed.
chineseZhang's parents hoped their daughter's name, which includes three Chinese writings meaning 'helpful,' 'home,' and 'elegant,' would bring her a happy and comfortable life.
feministShe had studied many feminist writings in college.
literaryI enjoy reading literary writings that explore complex human emotions and societal issues.
latinThe ancient latin writings found in the library provided clues to the lost city.
ethicalThe ethical writings of philosophers like Aristotle and Kant have shaped the way we think about right and wrong.
rabbinicThe rabbinic writings are a vast collection of texts that interpret and expand upon the Hebrew Bible.
hippocraticThe Hippocratic writings are a collection of medical texts written in ancient Greece.
centuryHer books have been translated into over a hundred languages and have sold millions of copies, making her one of the best-selling century writings of all time.
johannineThe Johannine writings are an important part of the New Testament.
patristicThose patristic writings are a rich source of insight into early Christian beliefs.
sovietThe soviet writings of the 1920s and 1930s were full of socialist realism.
buddhistThe Buddhist writings are full of wisdom and compassion.
dramaticThe professor's dramatic writings always captivated her students.
academicAcademic writings should adhere to the standards of the discipline and use established methodologies.
rabbinicalThe Talmud is a vast collection of rabbinical writings that discuss Jewish law, ethics, customs, and history.
sociologicalSociological writings can provide valuable insights into the social and cultural dynamics of a particular society.
minorThe author's minor writings include essays, poems, and short stories
creativeHer creative writings were always filled with vivid imagery and thought-provoking ideas.
latestI've been studying the author's latest writings
devotional"The reading and understanding of devotional writings can strengthen our connection with the divine or holy."

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