Adjectives for Wto

Adjectives For Wto

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wto, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'WTO' (World Trade Organization) can significantly alter the context and perception of the discussed topics. Descriptors like 'new,' 'anti,' and 'non' highlight evolving policies, opposition, or absence of affiliation, respectively. Meanwhile, terms such as 'post' and 'pre' provide a temporal frame, indicating discussions about the period after or before the WTO's influence. The adjective 'western' often brings in geographical or ideological nuances, suggesting a certain bias or perspective. Each adjective shades the meaning of the WTO in subtle yet important ways, reflecting on global trade dynamics and political standpoints. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with the WTO and explore the intricate nuances each brings to the conversation below.
newThe new wto chief encouraged members to continue to negotiate.
postThe post wto scenario witnessed a surge in global trade and economic growth.
preThe current proposal is to apply pre wto parity prices, minus a maximum of 50 per cent.
westernThe western wto members argue trade sanctions are necessary.
massThe mass wto is 2 kg.
madridThe Madrid wto meeting was a significant event in the history of trade negotiations.
democraticThe democratic wto aims to promote trade liberalization and economic development.
voluntaryThe voluntary wto panel is tasked with issuing a legally binding interpretation of the relevant WTO rules.
formerThe former wto chief called for a new global trade agenda.
currentThe current wto chief criticized the U.S. for appealing to national security interests.
proThe pro wto demonstrators gathered in the city center.
entireThe entire wto membership was consulted.
wirelessThe wireless wto is fast and reliable.
jointI am not sure what you mean by "joint wto". Can you please explain?
strongerThe stronger wto will provide more protection for the world's economies.
fledglingThe fledgling wto has been a major force in the global economy.
wholesaleThe wholesale wto is a global trade organization that promotes free trade.
broaderHe was in the broader wto of the UN system.
formalMr. Lee is an expert in formal wto negotiation.
strengthenedThe recently strengthened wto provides a strong framework for promoting free trade.
memberHe is the member wto
establishedEstablished wto rules state that the 'national treatment' principle should be enforced at the point of sale, which often means that imported products should be treated no less favourably than domestic products.
successfulI am a successful wto
variableThe variable wto is not defined.
extraThe extra wto was not required.
relatedThe funds are related wto the purchase of a new car.

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