Adjectives for Yang

Adjectives For Yang

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yang, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the correct adjective with the noun 'yang' can significantly alter the meaning and tone of a sentence, highlighting the rich nuances and diverse interpretations within language. For instance, 'yin' and 'yang' together paint a picture of balance and duality, essential in understanding Chinese philosophy. 'Liao yang' brings a medicinal or healing connotation, suggesting a remedy or cure. 'More yang' implies an increase or abundance, potentially in energy or vitality. 'Han yang' and 'sheng yang' might denote specific types or qualities of yang, indicating a deeper level of analysis or understanding. 'Yuan yang,' often referring to mandarin ducks, symbolizes companionship and love. This intricate interplay of adjectives with 'yang' unlocks a myriad of interpretations and insights. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'yang' below to explore the complexities and enrich your comprehension.
liaoLiao yang is a city in Liaoning, China.
moreI feel more yang after spending time in nature.
shengSheng yang was a very good student.
yuanYuan yang is a popular Hong Kong-style tea drink made from a mixture of black and green tea.
oldAs per the age-old yang and yin principle, the universe is in a state of flux.
pureThe ancient Chinese believed that pure yang was the ultimate state of perfection.
kidneyAcupuncture can replenish kidney yang and strengthen the body's resistance.
topTop yang is the best martial artist in the world.
initialHe had a very strong initial yang response to the health questionnaire.
nanEat Nan yang food with me
trueThe blade vibrated, sending shivers of true yang down his arm.
yingThe ying yang symbol represents the balance of opposites.
thirdThe monk had walked past the third yang in the temple, his eyes scanning the intricately carved pillars.
fourthThe fourth yang scatters light across the whole field.
youngThe young yang man was full of energy and enthusiasm.
huiHui yang sangat panas hari ini
fifthThe fifth yang energy is associated with the element fire.
spleenThe spleen yang is working to improve my health.
liverThe patient's liver yang is hyperactive and needs to be sedated.
muchThe yin and yang of the universe are in constant flux, with much yang coming from the sun during the day.
chineseChinese yang a form of martial arts, emphasizes balance and harmony.
sunSun yang is a Chinese swimmer who specializes in freestyle and butterfly events.
clearThis is the clear yang
lesserOne of the lesser yang organs is the spleen.
excessThe patient's symptoms included excess yang and an irritated demeanor.
fanFan yang is a Chinese actress.
greaterThe greater yang signifies strength, energy, and warmth.
deficientHe feels cold easily and has a pale complexion due to deficient yang
ganGan yangnya sakit sekali.
extremeThe extreme yang energy was so powerful that it could shatter mountains.
excessiveThe excessive yang energy in his body caused him to become irritable and aggressive.
positiveThe doctor said that the patient is demonstrating positive yang
hengHeng yang grew into a thriving industrial and commercial city in the early 20th century.
warmThe warm yang was invigorating.
minorThe minor yang is one of the two energies that make up the universe.
maleThe male yang energy manifested in the strength and determination of the man.
masculineThe masculine yang energy is associated with the sun, heat, and activity.
lanLan yang mengendarai mobilnya dengan hati-hati.
hungAs the wind grew fiercer, the hung yang outside my window creaked and swayed.
greshamGresham yang is a popular science fiction author who has written over 20 books.
shangShang yang was a Chinese philosopher and statesman who established far-reaching reforms in the Qin state during the Warring States period.
changChang yang is a Chinese term for a bullish reversal pattern.
brightThe bright yang energy of the sun filled the room with warmth and light.
yuehYueh yang is a beautiful city in China.
doubleThe double yang line represents heaven and the power of the father.
mingMing yang had his hair cut last week.
primordialIn the primordial yang everything explodes in entirety
hyperactiveThe hyperactive yang energy in the room made it difficult to focus.
lohKekasih loh yang menemukanku di sungai yang deras.
shuShu yang a gentle breeze, whispered through the bamboo leaves.
heartMy heart yang made me feel confident.
chiThis antique shop is full of chi yang
falseThe false yang is a concept in Chinese philosophy that refers to the appearance of something that is not real.
yungYung yang you le zi ji de yi jian.
pyeongPyeong yang is the capital of North Korea.
matureThe mature yang energy was evident in the leader's decisive actions and strong presence.

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