Adjectives for Yard

Adjectives For Yard

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yard, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the variety of adjectives associated with the noun 'yard' unveils a fascinating array of nuances, each painting a unique picture in the minds of your readers. From the communal and accessible 'front yard' inviting neighborhood interaction, to the 'court yard' that suggests a private, orderly space, the adjectives we choose deeply influence perception. Descriptive terms like 'cubic yard' move us into quantitative realms, specifying volume, while 'stable yard' evokes specific functionalities and settings. Even personal ownership and size descriptors, such as 'own yard' and 'small yard,' offer a glimpse into the spatial and emotional significance these spaces hold. Delve deeper into the rich palette of adjectives that can transform the simple concept of a yard into a landscape of meaning and imagery, perfect for elevating your prose.
frontThe children played in the front yard
courtThe court yard was filled with laughter and joy.
cubicThe large bin can contain up to fifteen cubic yards of trash.
stableThe stable yard was full of horses and hay.
ownThe dog is barking in its own yard
smallI have a small yard with flowers.
largeWe enjoyed playing soccer in our large yard
backThe children were playing in the back yard
farmThe children were playing in the farm yard
mainThe main yard was filled with children playing.
bigThe house came with a big yard
graveI took a shortcut through the grave yard but I got lost and ended up walking in circles.
poultryThe children loved to play in the poultry yard
navyThe navy yard is located on the waterfront.
openThe open yard stretched out before them, inviting them to play.
rearThe children played in the rear yard
fencedMy kids could play safely in the fenced yard
innThe inn yard was bustling with activity as travelers came and went.
spaciousThe spacious yard provided ample room for outdoor activities.
pavedThe paved yard was a perfect place for the children to play.
scrapThe old car was sold to a scrap yard
navalThe naval yard was a hive of activity as ships were repaired and readied for sea.
innerThe children played happily in the inner yard
narrowThe narrow yard made it difficult to park the car.
royalThey visited the royal yard and were impressed by its grandeur.
woodThe wood yard was full of logs and sawdust.
tinyThe tiny yard was perfect for the small dog to run around in.
darkI walked cautiously through the dark yard the shadows seeming to whisper secrets in my ears.
tanThe tan yard was filled with the smell of leather.
schoolThe children played in the school yard after class.
enclosedThe enclosed yard was perfect for letting the dogs run.
buildingThe boat was built in a building yard near the river.
cobbledThe cobbled yard echoed with the sound of their footsteps.
emptyThe empty yard was eerily quiet.
standardUse a standard yard to measure the width.
hugeThe house had a huge yard where the children could play.
lumberI need to go to the lumber yard to pick up some wood.
squareThe carpet measures up to ten square yards.
barrackThe barrack yard was filled with the sound of soldiers marching and training.
bareThe bare yard was a stark reminder of winter's harshness.
grassyThe children played happily in the grassy yard
sailIn the distance, we could see the tall sail yards of the ship.
outerI like to sit in the outer yard and read a book.
greenThe neighbors complimented us on our lush green yard
coveredThe covered yard provided ample space for the children to play in the rain.
muddyThe children played happily in the muddy yard after the rain.
dustyThe children played in the dusty yard
walledThe boy kicked the ball over the walled yard
topsailThe topsail yard was lowered to the deck to allow the ship to pass under a bridge.
churchWe walked through the quiet church yard
halfShe had a half yard of fabric left over from the project.
tiltThe tilt yard was a place where knights practiced jousting.
doorThe chickens were foraging in the door yard
nearbyI saw a cat in the nearby yard
gallantThe gallant yard was a sight to behold in the early morning sun.
adjoiningThe adjoining yard was filled with vibrant flowers.
niceThe house had a nice yard
concreteThe concrete yard was a vast expanse of gray.
rickThe hay in the rick yard was about to be loaded onto a truck.
extraThey went the extra yard to make sure the project was a success.
chickenThe chickens happily roamed the chicken yard
neighboringI saw a playful cat jumping over the fence to the neighboring yard
strawThe horses were kept in the straw yard
linearThe linear yard is a unit of length equal to 0.9144 meters.
dockThe ships were repaired at the dock yard
dirtyThe dirty yard needed to be cleaned up before the party.
adjacentThe adjacent yard was unkempt and overgrown.
nearestCan you head over to the nearest yard?
coalWe used to play behind the coal yard as kids.
desertedThe deserted yard was a haunting reminder of the forgotten past.

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